The speed is insane

I just edited a video on a pentium 4 with 2gb of ram, in avidemux.

Wow I love elive. Keep it up! :w00t:


I've tried out a lot but have never found any better, be it stability, speed, ease or beauty (albeit in the last category there are other contenders) ..... on old or new hardware.


Testing the live-USB version of the minimal-retro on an old Thinkpad X61T with only 2G Ram ..... it does everything at anazing speed. :applause:

Even playing movies doesn't make the machine flinch.

Base startup is a mere 286Mb RAM usage

Test for yourself if you like, the hybrid.iso here:

It doesn't offer an "install" option (albeit, you could if you really want to) just a way of running it.
Feel free to download, try and comment. :smile_cat:

The user is "elive" and password is "evile" .... else use the "guest" login which has no password (and no privileges).