Things needing change on 3.8.30 iso

OK .... after quite a struggle I managed to "upgrade" my existing 3.8.17 (religiously apugged as @IamElive once nicely said) that had already been moved to Bullseye manually a while back.

Here are my gripes/bugs:

  1. Conky starts up on the live-cd desktop despite being disabled in the welcome menu.
    No biggy but not how it should be. :innocent:

  2. Despite having Bullseye repositories, somehow Elive has a very old version of Firefox-esr which does not allow re-using the existing profile.
    Elive installs version 78.15.0esr-1~deb11u1 where a quick search for Bullseye gives 91.11.0esr-1~deb11u1. Installing the latter version allows using the existing profile with all its bookmarks, saved passwords, etc.

  3. Thunderbird has the same issue: version 1:78.14.0-1~deb11u1 is installed where in the Bullseye repositories 1:91.10.0-1~deb11u1 is available.
    Again installing the latter solves the lost profile (and mail settings) issue.

So how is it that Elive has older versions than Debian11 itself?
I personally cannot see any differences in repositories.

  1. On my machine 'catfish' file search wasn't installed. I find that an omission. :face_with_head_bandage:

  2. It's stupid that on an upgrade (keeping users and settings) something trivial like printer settings (cups and sane) disappears. requiering a total setup again of scanners and printers. :face_holding_back_tears:

It's possible that those are the pre-cached packages and the repo now has new ones available.

Probably, i.e the versions on the .iso.

Meaning that either:

  1. The .iso needs changing.... IMO the preferable option.


  1. Everyone has to be warned to NOT start either Firefox or Thunderbird before first updating and upgrading them...else risk losing their profiles.

Erm, to be fair: The profiles aren't actually lost, they're there and usable but it will take some unnecessary fiddling.


good to know that this update solves that issue. the version / repository thingy is not an issue, that's because the next day 3.8.30 was released, debian was updated 11.3 -> 11.4 , that's why the new version appears later

was replaced by searchmonkey, maybe you want to restart to a new desktop configuration? :slight_smile:

fixed, can you confirm that the confs that needs to be copied back from the previous /etc dir (see that you have a copy of it on your / ) is the directories "cups" and "sane.d" ? (you can try copying them back to see if works and/or something else is needed)

Not that easy. :shocked:
That would in my case require that the 'brother-printer-drivers' as well as the scanner drivers be installed.

Alas they're not in my 'sudo apt list --installed' output.... so the confs AFAIK wont work.
Network printers OTOH shouldn't pose a problem.

so it will only work for drivers that doesn't requires extra installations (many drivers are already included), mmh, and I assume this doesn't pose any possible "conflict" problem when upgrading :thinking: otherwise should be not included

Yes, or they could've been added to '/etc/elive/packages_to_maintain_installed', I think. I forgot to add them, alas.
3.8.30 does have 'printer-driver-brlaser' already installed which has my DCP-1510 working OTOB but for the scanner functions requires additional 'brscan4' installation.

Hence my thought about doing a 'apt list --installed>pack-list-old.txt' on the existing system and comparing that to what's going to be installed. :thinking:
I did that to check out with 'meld' to find out if there were other packages that were downgraded like 'thunderbird' or 'firefox'.
Ultimately, it turned out they were the only 2 packages that got a lower version.

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