This forum is freaking addictive!


Using it since some hours, very very very rich-featured, very automated, very friendly, very powerful…

And very addictive to use!

Very happy with the (actual) results for now :smile:


Yes, it’s amazing :smiley:


That people love to talk about TV show , vegan food, or Elive, everything is about community and tribe(in the old days)… It is in our DNA to talk to people and share and discuss about what we like.

I think that the " spirit / vibe " around the Elive project is as important as the product itself.

And the modern Discourse forum platform will help in that way

I love it too… Yes it is addictive !



Well, we should have a Off Topic section but the conversations should be related to Elive mostly (which is the purpose of this site), otherwise people will not found what they are looking for, and for talk about tv shows there’s other places :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I agree with you… What about a name for this :slight_smile: ?


“Off Topic” sounds good :slight_smile:

Just finished the first draft idea of the categories/sections:

Suggesitons? changes? improvements ?