Thoughts about offering Stable 3.0.6 in a container

A recent thread here on the forum about getting a more recent browser running on Stable 3.0.6 got me to thinking.

Offering 3.0.6 as "Stable" as a direct installation is a bit strange considering how outdated and unsupported the Wheezy code base is. It isn't to be considered stable by a long shot anymore IMO. :shocked:

How about we offer 3.0.6 running in a container (i.e docker)from a minimal Debian/Elive (32 or 64 bit) host system?
That way people can enjoy the original Elive E17 desktop as it was meant and have all the stuff that still work fine on it. Simply excluding stuff like browsers and Email that require a more modern approach.

Those "modern" apps could run from the base system or in a container of their own (or flatpak/appimage/whatever) depending on the amount of security, opposed to ease of use that's wanted.

This thought came to me while I was browsing through this repository:

  • It really is an interesting approach IMO.

Where admittedly I'm thinking in slightly different different direction than is being thought of there.

Any thoughts, misgivings and/or criticism is welcome. :smiley:

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