Thunar, not behaving

I've noticed, quite a few times that thunar crashes or becomes unresponsive ..... especially when it comes to mounting/unmounting external devices.

This especially happens when mounting large USB3 devices and wanting to see what\s on there....leaving thunar totally unresponsive upto even unable to close it, requiring "xkill" to get rid of it.
While thunar is in it's unresponsive state, copying files to and from the device using the command line or "mc" works fine ..... as well as unmounting with "sudo"... so IMO it's thunar itself that's at fault.

After xkilling thunar, it will not restart unless the whole system is rebooted.

This is not what you might call good behavior, let alone stable. :sob:

Mmmh, I have not noticed that (so much?), but i have noticed thunar to needed to be killed (don't remember, maybe was the same case). That's a thunar fault of course :slight_smile: and we are the affected ones lol

try this the next time:

killall -9 thunar

Maybe thunar has a kind of timeout set? but in any case it should not "hang"... so there should be a bug

I assume the only way to get rid of this is by debugging the application, installing the -dbg / -dbgsym package of thunar and running it from "gdb" to get later a backtrace. The only required thing then will be to know how to reproduce the problem first

I haven't used Thunar for a while. I switched to Nemo. I was finding, in an earlier Elive Alpha version, that Thunar would hang fairly consistently when I tried to unmount a USB drive.

I cant get it to freeze on my computer,how much ram do you guys have,are you using externel spinning hard drives?

Looks like a dbus communication fault

the last versions of elive alpha's/beta's had some dbus things improved, we should make sure that still happens on recent versions (or, this means, upgrade your e16 confs to a new provided one)