Too much popups when booting Elive as first time

As I have said, these messages are needed to tell the users specific things that they needs to know, but sometimes when there’s too much features added they start to becoming annoying, so is needed to review them to see if:

  • they can be removed? (how much important is the info)
  • can be automated? (do not show if…)
  • improve the message to a shorter one
  • can 2 different popups merge in a single one?

I would be happy if you tell me which ones feels annoying and how to improve them

mentions: @jfbourdeau @subrms

much improved for the 2.9.99 version

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Idea: In the message in the window where they select the startup sound, add (If you want to change it later, run "elive-startup-sound -c".)

Then you can remove the second popup which says "If you want to remove it later, blabla".