Torrent files, download methods

We should provide different torrent links for specific ISO or imb so people do not have to download 7+ GB to try Elive…

and the method we had, to simply click the link to download ELive ISO’, the one we need, was better… We need to discuss about ovh hosting or anywhere with unlimited bandwith

May I ask what does ovh mean?

LOL it’s just a well known hosting company known for aggressive/good pricing

I don’t know if Amazon hosting are cheaper

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People could as well be instructed to disable all the files they don’t really need, but sure it would help if they didn’t have to do that. Also, I think Etcher could be simply linked to, both in the readme file and the website. I doubt their website will disappear anytime soon. :slight_smile:


I agree with you. People are lazy to read what’s going to download with the torrent file. “I clicked on a button that let’s me download an operating system, these 7 GB must be the os

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Adding more download buttons to the page could confuse even more, I would rename the torrent text to “torrent pack” or something similar, as @kneekoo says we should instruct people that they dont need to download all the files (or they should know it), but adding more text to the website increases complexity / raises lack of interest & reading

I really don’t get why is so a problem to download a big file, specially in torrent that you can continue / pause and after to record your USB you are done with your “wasted space” or “bandwith usage”, they should care more about if Elive is a system light and fast for their computers than if the download or installation is slow, the final system result is what is important… in spain people says something like “they want it already chewed”

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BTW, how it is going the torrent connectivity? I tried to connect it but it shows “0 peers 0 seeds” here, nobody is trying to use it or i have just network problems here? @jfbourdeau ?

Huh… I wonder if the torrent is broken, maybe we have used too few trackers on it

I didn’t get any response from the default tracker(s) included in the torrent file, so I changed my trackers list to this:


It’s been going since…

This is what my trackers list looks like:

Sounds like at least sumotracker & linuxtracker works?

But I don’t undestand why there’s no peers or seeders, since the downloads seems to be enough active to have the torrent active too

You must use some working trackers in order to get more peers by PEX (peer exchange) or DHT. But those settings must be enabled in the client. I had 33 peers a bit earlier but I didn’t catch it in the screenshot. But I caught 20. :slight_smile: The number keeps fluctuating, but the traffic keeps going nonetheless.

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Sometime I reach around 20 too more or less

Which trackers are you using ? I could add them to my torrent trackers list in transmission ?

I mentioned them earlier. :slight_smile: I just don’t know why the forum keeps showing “Loading…” instead of sumotracker, but if you right-click the link you can copy it and use it in Transmission.

For anyone interested in changing the trackers:

  • Double-click the torrent
  • Go to the Trackers tab
  • Click Edit
  • Add new trackers by pasting them in the text box and click Save - also make sure you read the instructions above the text box, and leave blank lines between primary URLs, or just leave blank lines between all of them if you don’t care about which one is what.

My “raw” trackers list looks like this:

P.S. The LinuxTracker link looks like that because I copied it as I found it in a torrent served on their website. After I removed all those zeroes, I “Got an error ‘unregistered torrent pass’” - so use the link as it is in my earlier post.

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ok here is my list in PLAIN TEXT

I just checked your LinuxTracker entry, hoping it would work, but it gave me a 404 Not Found error. So far, that unusual link I got is the only combination that worked and it gets peers quite fast.

torrent-downloads[.]to seems to be an illegal torrents site, which explains why it no longer responds as a tracker.
sumotracker[.]com replied with “Too many requests”, so it’s probably just a temporary issue.

Anyway, make sure you leave a blank line before every tracker starting with http, as those are supposed to be the main ones.

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@kneekoo i think that he means to add them in his torrent… to serve it to others, if im not wrong the original torrent should have the list and it doesn’t change unless a new torrent with a different list is created


  • checking the email system, 12 hours ago somebody reported that used the delayed downloads because the torrent didn’t worked
  • to provide a torrent that doesn’t works on the downloads page is worse than not providing a torrent at all (people leave the idea of download after being tired of failed attempts)