Tp-link tl-wn725n not working out of the box


New Elive user here. I need some help by installing a driver to get tp-link tl-wn725n working. I didn't find a working solution yet.


Philip Bergwerf

is it usb I would guess you will have to search for drivers for that model then install the driver on elive
I cant send you the link for some reason
I have just been looking howto install on linux all I can say is good luck from what I have seen of those usb dongles on linux they are very difficult to get working

First of all a big welcome here on the Elive Forums ..... you've come to the right place for any questions concerning Elive, the meaning of life, table protocol and good eating habits. :rofl2:

Anyway, in regard to your USB wifi card:
Apparently there's no kernel module for it (yet) but it can be made reasonably easily.
There's a fairly simple HowTo on github ( a lot simpler than the PDF on their website) if you're not afraid to use the commandline.

If it goes above your head or simply doesn't work ..... give us a shout out again.
The drivers will very probably be added to the kernel soon.

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It is not? (I don't know), In a fast read on google it seems like be named rtl8188eu

@Philip_Bergwerf first try this:

sudo modprobe rtl8188eu

tell me if works

if not, follow the howto of @triantares and / or see in google articles about installing it, you should not have any difficulties since the kernel headers are already included :slight_smile:

@Philip_Bergwerf @triantares: tell me if something needs to be improved in elive in order to support it

I don't have one of those to try out.
Would be nice if the tp-link uses the same chipset and firmware as the realtek.
I think I've got a realtek somewhere but having 3 places is a guarantee for misplacing things. :sniff:
If it does work, then apparently it doesn't get recognized as a realtek. :thinking:
Let's await @Philip_Bergwerf 's results.