Transmission window too big on my screen

Certain transmission windows open larger than the screen making buttons on the bottom of the transmission window inaccessible, like ok and cancel. I’m using beta up to date with the native transmission, and vanilla E16 install. That is no tweaks.

Is anyone else experiencing this or is it a me thing. I find often these glitches are me things.


Care to add a screenshot as example?
I cannot replicate but then we might have totally different screen sizes.

It's sometimes the tops of windows, as in this screenshot, which means having to esc out. It's no biggie, but just a heads up.

Yeah, I can see why this is maddening in the long run.
You could have a look at ~/Documents/hotkeys.pdf ... there are 2 key combos mentioned there to resize windows. After which you can use the "remember" options to have the windows opened with that same size in the future.

Excellent. Cheers man :blush:

All arrow keys expand windows, but doesn't reduce their size, up, down, left and right :confused:

OK, not so smart then, or maybe too smart.
Then the Ctrl, Alt and middle-click combo ??
And if that fails ... what does F11 do for you, to access at least the buttons ?

Ultimately you can try editing "~/.config/transmision/settings.json" and change the "main-window-height" and/or "main-window-height-x" entries.
I'm not sure whether child windows inherit the same sizes but it's worth a try. :face_with_thermometer:

hahaha....probably too smart for me.

No mouse at the moment, but I will give this a go when I find one. I tend to be a bit of a keyboard nazi.

F11 dims my screen, however, I now know some other hotkeys which helps with my obsession with avoiding mice and touchpads :slight_smile:
Also, I think I'm going to do a fresh install of stable, once I've given it a spin on a VM

Then maybe E24 with settings to "tiled" might just be your thingy. :w00t:

Also if you combine it with Fn ???

No joy. Interesting little glitch. I reiterate though, these little wonderful things tend to happen to me for some reason :roll_eyes:

No joy with this either

There should be a setting for that .... if not in the BIOS, else your keyboard is broken.

My current Thinkpad has a dead Fn key so I set my top keys to use their Fx function, couldn't function w.o them, frankly.

Another option could be to set your screen resolution higher (not always possible) with arandr to make the window corners accessible for resizing.....with a mouse. :shocked:

With a what now?

I just tried the Win, Shift and arrow-keys combo in E16 and ...... They don't work indeed ...... they only maximize. :face_with_head_bandage:

So that only leaves "mouse" options to resize........yes mouse or touch-pad. :shocked:

  • as a first the Ctrl, Alt middle-click method.


  1. Ctrl, Alt and right-click on the top bar to get window options.
  2. or click the little blue rectangle top left in the window bar for the same options.
  3. or access the lower right corner of the window to drag and resize (it gets translucent)
    Where if the window will not resize to a certain height or width, find "toggle max height/width" option from 1. or 2. above.
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This problem happens to me in basically every program. I circumvent it by pressing esc and then moving the window that opens the off-screen window to the bottom-right corner, and then reopening the off-screen window.

It ain't pretty but it works.

That’s the main thing.

I’m probably moving to stable on my laptop soon, after giving it a spin in a vm.

Meaning your settings assume a different resolution than the one you're actually using.

note: title changed to an improved one

it is solved? I also suggest "ctrl + alt + m" as a mouse alternative, which triggers a maximize call (making it to fit to the screen probably)

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