trim? how to use it

hello team. i install OS on SSD drive and find that disk support TRIM, could you give some recommendations how to correct use trim here?

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fstrim should do it. It might be in a cron-job though - i have yet to check the config.

Hi alexey,
the process 'trim' will sync the freed space on the filesystem with the SSD. So the need of trim depends on the changes at the drive.
The recommends are from 'every night' to 'once a month'.

There are a lot of I/O operations on your disk, even If the sytem is still running without a task. Just take a look at the logs (the logs itfelf and the content of the messages).
Just think about there are people who never heard if 'trim' and the system is working well.

My recommendation for everything I wasn't paid for: Let the system handle it, until you'll experience a bottleneck, that could be caused by the ssd. For example 'low speed at 90%+ full with crypto'.

If you'll plan to pay me, I need to know what kind of server you have and the exact amount of I/O operations on the drive. And so on.