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Hello Elive citizens,

I had to use Ubuntu/Gnome a lot recently for 1 month (cool when you get to know all the tricks)… Enough to tell you, Elive is so much faster, stable and the way we see things (windows, Virtual Desktop (workspacxe) IS SO MUCH BETTER IN ELIVE !

I worked 2 or 3 Years with Linux Mint, 1 or 2 years with Ubuntu Budgie, and a lot with Gnome for the last 6 month. I don’t hate them, they are all cool and have their different way of doing things.

But when you work with " a lot of windows ", that you need speed and stability, ELIVE is the winner !

Yes workspace gadgets/tools exist in all Linux distribution, I have Linux Mint of one Laptop I am presently working with, https://www.bunsenlabs.org on another slow Laptop (I love bunsenlabs, fast and stable ) but it is less user friendly for non technical people) and when not force to use Ubuntu Gnome on my main Desktop, I am using ELive and I can tell you the way we can use WorkSpaces (Desktop) in Elive in the top right corner (I don’t hide the workspace management gadget) where can see all of our applications, is so much easier !

And did I say it ? Fast Fast Fast and stable.

My thunderbird mail client in Ubuntu has so many email accounts and a lot of mails in each of this acccounts that he’s starting to not be able to manage it ( slow, lag and so on)… Never experienced that in ELive…


to continue my linux learning journey, I read a lot recently about ARCH and have been using my other SSD disk to try Manjaro (arch derived)…

Stable and fast like crazy ( i love it… ) Had some GUI glitches with KDE/PLasma (Manjaro) and moved to XFCE

I love the AUR and manjaro repository (once you know how, easy to install about anyting)… Easy to install software and " a lot of it " if you include AUR in the possibility.

But, in my day to day I have to work with " a lot " of windows opened… And today I was overwhelm by work and pressure and could not deal with all of that on my XFCE Manjaro interface and rebooted in Elive LOL

Still prefer Elive GUI over KDE and XFCE

And I just re-edited this comment to add : Elive seem faster than Manjaro " I think " LOL the impression I have…