Unable to see Elive PCs and vice-versa in Windows WiFi network

That's basically the issue.

This is basically the same question as in the other topic.
For windows networks by "seeing" you mean "connecting" as undoubtedly you can "ping" the machines on the network. There's no such thing as Windows WiFi .... only standard WiFi.

To communicate with those poor Win machines, you'll have to stoop down and install and configure "samba" (the smb protocol they do understand)

It's Wifi network that's populated (dominated really, maybe four MacBooks) by Windows PCs so for brevity...

Not wild about SMB. Nothing else?

It's the only option you've got in the case of Win machines unless you want to install other protocols on them or set up a NAS inside the network.

Well here's a nice brief Howto do file sharing over ssh on win/mac/linux:

I have seen this issue before trying to share files on my network, basically from linux you can see my machine in the network tab of the file manager, same from mac systems, its just windows which is stupidly useless doing these things, the only way I found to "see them" was entering the address manually like:


but this is quite tricky and hard for a normal user, shared's needs to appear directly on the browsing machine tab of the file manager, I didn't digged it much since windows system are always problematic, but if there's a wrong configuration in Elive to make them discoverable directly from windows machines keep me updated :slight_smile: