Unmounting a drive from cairo-dock

I don't understand what you are talking about at all = :flushed:

That said,
You prefer to open a terminal for this job, like in the last century, or what......

I guess an icon on the desktop or Cairo dock that registers the mounting of a usb drive and allows unmounting...would be nice. Its just on my wish list - since you were asking...oh, you weren't asking?

Cairo has build- in extensions for that, btw....
Of course, am asking (especially stpd questions)
since am a fast thinker like @triantares pointed out earlier.....
Har har lol

You have these feature in Elive 3.0.6 stable, as the actual stade of development of 3.7.x alpha versions if I correctly understood DE is not even still decided. We use actually Cairo + e16 but maybe it won't be the same DE in final stable releases.

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I agree that it is actually a strange step to have to open a file manager so as to be able to "unmount" or "eject" a USB device (albeit a data storage one). I do remember how archaic this was before: As root having to "mount " and "umount" the device and give it user rw permissions ..... guhhh! :sniff:

I don't think that a cairo-dock applet is the solution and as @maxinou mentions: 3.0.x had this covered nicely. E16 doesn't really offer nice ways of doing this on the desktop AFAIK so it looks like slowly but surely we are shifting to E17 (or higher) again. :thinking:
For now we have E16 on 3.7.x..... let's get that unconventional flagship working as nicely as possible and be a showcase for what is to come.

Like with holidays: The expectency and the planning beforehand is almost as much (or sometimes more) fun as the holiday trip itself.


This is sad then.
I visited Cost del Sol last year and it was the other way around :upside_down_face: :smiley:

Ya, ya : :offtopic: I know...

BTW, you can perfectly unmount disk from Cairo-dock without open a file manager, you only need to do a middle click or a right click in the disk icon:


This is one of among other opportunities from Cairo-Dock... :1st_place_medal:

This I did not know. Cheers! :happybounce: