Updated GTK-light theme

I've made a few changes to the GTK-light theme.

  1. Flattened most buttons to be more coherent with the current Retrowave button style
  2. Recreated/copied the repo from github to gitlab .... to get away from M$. :eyepopping:
    In time I'll remove the github repo.

Here's a preview of what the buttons now look like:


Did you fix that menu issue where they disappear on some systems ?

Love that setup.

Has been seen to a long time ago.
I actually only posted so @Thanatermesis had the opportunity to update the .deb package, if need be.
Still working on my E16 tint2 desktop but have some stuff to sort out there first before I post.

Something like this:

Still crude but is the idea I wantt to work out.