Upgrade 32 bits to 64 bits

I searched in the forum to get the correct way for upgrading 32 bits version to 64 bits version as stated in the Elive page : "crossgrading into 64-BIT".
Maybe I miss the post(s).
I want to evaluate first before making some donations to Elive project but on 64 bits, not 32 bits.
I'm a long time linux user (debian, devuan and MX recently) and want to give Elive a try.
Can someone point me to it or tell me the procedure ?

To easily "crossgrade" into 64bit you would need to have the scripts that come with the 64bit installer on the USB/hybrid .iso. To have that would require:

  • A slight engagement on the forum here, to help out others and do some bug hunting (you're already halfway there :wink: ) or ...
  • Write a review on the net somewhere about Elive Stable or Beta (32bit) and help Elive gain more presence there or ...
  • Donate a small sum to keep Elive alive.

If you're feeling adventurous enough, here's a Howto for Debian in general:
CrossGrading - Debian Wiki.

As to the evaluation: For now there are no major differences between the 64 and 32bit versions albeit that a few applications have dropped support for 32bit. So do not expect any major differences to what you already have.
If you find that the 32bit Beta is not good enough to do any of the 3 afore mentioned small efforts, I fear you will be greatly disapointed by the 64bit version.

The 64bit version of Elive supports both 32 and 64 bit, this means you can install and run 32bit applications on it (in fact you have a few install packages that are 32bit in the 64bit system, like wine32, effectv, or steam if you keep it installed)

To convert a previous 32bit Elive system to a 64bit one its made on the fly by reinstalling it (upgrade mode of the installer takes care of everything)

Would it not be better to make a fresh 64bit install? That way you avoid potential incompatibilities esp if you not an advanced linux user

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Incompatibilities are taken care of .... that's no worry whatsoever. :w00t:

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Well, thanks all.
So, I made a small donation and was able to download 64 bits beta version.
So far, so good but the laptop where I wanted to install it just dont power on :frowning: I hope to repair it. I have another one to install it.