Upgrade from e16 to e17, etc

The e16 alpha lets me connect wirelessly \o/ but I wish to use e17, then upgrade to newer e20 series. I have installed e17 and related packages, but how would I make the switch from e16 to e17. This is on a test machine, so even if you aren't 100% sure, let's hear it anyway. Running live for now, until I decide to commit this laptop to e16...

I have been able to recently rebuild the e17 package on the new beta versions, but it stills broken, it crashes and many different problems, so is better to just don't use it

Instead, its recommended to use the last version of enlightenment, if you want to use the beta versions instead of the stable one :slight_smile: , for that:

apui enlightenment

then you can select one or other window-manager in your login-manager, in the corner you can select it

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Thank you for the prompt reply, Thanatermesis; I will not pursue it further, so I will mark this one as 'solved.'