Upgrading to 3.8.13 - My impression and suggestions

First off I'd comment on this language setting search when booting live:

  • I have an encrypted installation so I just have to wait 30 seconds for the internet connection it's not going to find. That's not OK by me, not if we want to make a snappy, fast impression.

After which waiting for further boot-up and the E16 Desktop to finish takes way too long IMHO.
Then at last the hotkeys cheat-sheet document flies by .... which disappears way too fast IMO. I hardly have time to recognize it. :face_with_thermometer:

  • I'd say give it at least a "sleep 10" before minimizing.

Upgrading my existing encrypted system works a charm after prompting me for my password. Kudos for that. :w00t:

On reboot I have the issue that I get a very coarse grubmenu, I suspect due to missing i915 firmware.

  • shouldn't that just use the framebuffer anyway?

On top I can't manipulate grub to start immediately either so I just have to sit out the time-out at boot (or set the time-out to less or zero myself)

Oh yes:

Whilst preparing there was a minor (well actually not so minor) issue that writing to USB took an awful long time, hanging at 3.4GB for a very long time. Almost similar to downloading with "zsync" which would hang for a very long time at a certain point too.

  • Maybe needless to say: The .iso checksummed fine so it wasn't a corrupt download in any way.


Elive-health recognizes my Brother printer/scanner way faster now ...... kudos for that. :w00t:

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