Usage of downloading subtitles (periscope)

I was wondering i.e taking a survey.
Are there Elive users here on the forum that make use of 'thunar's' built-in subtitle downloader or even the commandline version 'periscope'?

Personally I'm happy enough using the subtitle download option in 'smplayer' and/or 'vlc', where I have much more control on what and where I download them ..... but there might be others wanting a different experience or insist on using 'rage' or 'mplayer' as their default media-player.

Anyway ......

Penies for your thoughts!

I am wondering why subtitles should be a huge topic.
I good friend of mine is hard of hearing. So when she is around, I try to offer all media with subtitles. Apart from her, the most people are annoyed by the text below the moving pictures.

My solution is fully based on Kodi. A plugin (Opensubtitle) is looking into the metadata and downloads the related subtitle in the movie folder. A long time it was difficult to switch between the languages, but I don't know if this is improved, today.

Oh yes, it has improved a lot. Both 'smplayer' and 'vlc' offer the same functionality as the 'kodi' plugin on a right-click...... maybe even easier. :smiley:

Because 'periscope', the python app that adds this functionality to 'thunar' is written for python2
where Bullseye has fully moved to python3.

Porting 'periscope' turns out to be an ugly job and I'm having doubts it's worthwhile.

As to subtitles in general:
I prefer subtitles and the original language to overdubs any day. Overdubs, especially Russian are really the worst experinece.

I like mpv. s/mplayer's audio is buggy for me.


audio? mmh, try to upgrade your smplayer conf (you may need to customize it yourself, so on new-desktop creation there's some customizations happening, like using mpv as default render)

for me it has problems showing subtitles, i still need to check on what is going on my smplayer conf (the one in the last build works without issues so the problem should be mine)

About periscope subtitles:

For me it was really painful to search on internet for possible subtitles for movies when going to watch a movie (lost 15 minutes on that and also the motivation to watch the movie lol), so I added this feature on thunar as the most handy way to get subtitles... just click in the movie and select download the subtitles lol. Now, I didn't know smplayer / vlc has these features integrated (and I don't think the 99% of users will ever go through all its settings / options to find them), sounds like a very good feature in any case, maybe better than the thunar (more control? i don't know, i didn't tried them), but in any case there's a very important point in having it featured in thunar:

no other distro do that, so its a very good thing to promote elive show one-of-multiple unique things that has that makes your life so easier and better

while is true that is not yet said anywhere (that's the idea for the future 'Features' section in the elive website), to show this is a bonus for elive "wanting to try it"

No need for that. Downloading (or finding local) subtitles is just a right-click away....including allowing time-shifts, size, placement and more. It's set up in the same way kodi uses it's player.....good UX.

A downside is that you have no way of knowing if it's the best download other than to start viewing.
With 'smplayer' you just pick another to download or change the language while really is vastly superior to messing in your directory.

The only thing I'd want to use is a bulkdownloader for i.e an entire season in a directory....that would be a feature ... albeit with the same downsides as mentioned previously

I think the best is to just have both features, both has its good and bad points, for example periscope is good for:

  • massive download (select all chapters of a season, click download subtitles, wait 10 seconds, done)
  • having the subtitles saved "forever" with your movie (instead of on-demand)

the only problem here is to make working back periscope :thinking: but seems like the error is very small, isn't? (the last one I know was about the Version variable issue, but maybe i don't recall correctly, too many tasks at the same time)

no, was the urllib3 one. the VERSION issue is because i need to fix the sys.path for the installed version of the binary.

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That's exactly what happens on 'smplayer' and 'vlc' too.
On top they show the already available subs i.e inside a .mkv file.

yes mkv supports integrated subtitles, mkvtoolnix-gui is a tool where you can put subtitles in a video (but it will be converted to mkv format), unfortunately mkv is not so well supported (if you transfer it to your phone it may have difficulties to play it, WhatsApp is also not compatible with this format too if I'm not wrong, and maybe chromecast too)

but if your movie is .mp4 (more likely than mkv) the subtitle is not integrated, you mean is left as a .srt file (just like periscope does), or is a one-time use?

Yes, the filename gets changed to the video-file's name and it is kept as an .srt in the same folder.

Before this I'd download the (hopefully) right subtitles and, if need be alter their timing with another app.....nowadays I let the video-player do all the work. :madness:

You have been missing out for a few years now, without knowing it. :face_with_head_bandage: