USB Security Copy Option

I am testing to do a security copy of my Encripted USB and has not any result or find the correct way.
The idea is:
I have an Encripted USB with Elive and my archives (A).... OK
I want to have a security copy of all the USB in whatever place (B) (mi computer, other USB, ....etc..)
If I lose (A),I need the way to reproduce it (A) from (B) copy
I do different test ,to do an iso, copy all unit, etc.... but have problems with encripted persistence and with the boot from USB, etc.......

Any ideas?


  1. Create an .iso from "A
  2. google for
    balenaEtcher - Home
  3. and download it
  4. write the .iso from "A to "B and so on

Note: "A has to be bootable, try first

Thanks ,

Which program do you suggest to use....
To do it in once , the USB has 3 partitions.

Well, if you are not familiar with the dd command on terminal
and if you do not find a tool for this job in your installed system / applications...
(check for "Brasero")

I personally like to use the application called Gnome Disks.
If you like to give it a spin and you don’t have gnome-disk utility on your system,
you can install it by running the following command:
$ sudo apt install gnome-disk-utility
(if it is not clear for you how to deal with Gnome Disks, you can find easily instructions on google)

For writing back the new .iso to another USB stick I do strongly recommend balenaEtcher -
the same tool that you supposed to use for the Elive install image.

If you like to use the .iso on your harddisk, copy it e.g. to your home folder and a doubleclick
should mount it like an external device. Check, if you can write to the mounted .iso.

Talk back then ....

To keep updated backups bettween computers, disks, partitions, directories, or remote systems... I strongly suggest unison (i cannot live without it), which I constantly use to update my user's files between my computers or external-disks (backups), it is very visual with lots of control of what updates what (so you can work from both different systems, this means update file A in computer A and update file B in computer B, both files are sync to the other computer)

The tool is already included in elive

To use it with encrypted partitions you must have them accessible (mounted), and configure unison to use these mounted directories

Note that if you are doing this from your persistent-usb, you have the persistence partition mounted in /lib/live/mount (or something like this, run cat /proc/mounts to see it), the second disk where you want to backup it you should mount it manually before to run unison

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