Using an XP-pen 22 pro tablet on Elive Linux x64

Having bought a snazzy XP-Pen 22 Pro through Amazon, I discovered that the pen didn't work on Elive 3.7.x

Searching around i found the solution to be relatively simple. And hey .... it works. :applause:

Two downloads are needed:
1. a .deb package to install with "sudo dpkg -i digimend-dkms_9_all.deb" -- it can be found here:

Elive 3.8.8, lately using the 5.4.0 kernel recognizes the pointer/pen correctly using evdev and usbhid. The above .deb file will not install due to errors but has in fact become unnecessary.

  1. If for some reason you do need the digimend drivers, a newer Debian package compiled for 5.4.0 can be found here:

  2. This part you do need, either way:
    Download the drivers for Linux here:

and unzip and extract the tar.gz file it contains.
From that directory run "sudo zsh " --- you specifically need zsh there as the expected "bash" has some problems.
Or use "elive run file helper". :wink:

The opened window has to stay open to be able to use the pen as it runs from /tmp (for now)
and there is an issue with xrandr that requires a cloning of your main screen as the pointer calibration will otherwise try to span both screens i.e it acts like a mouse.

Howto, Setting the pen/pointer to use only the tablet

When using screens next to each other aka not-cloned.
Find out what screen is being used by the tablet using "xandr" (on mine HDMI-2) and find the pen's id using "xinput" (on mine id = 19).
After which you can map the poitnter thus:
"xinput map-to-output 19 HDMI-2" (as is in my case)
Your mouse will still be able to reach the tablet screen but the pen will be calibrated nicely to the tablet's edges.

Have fun!



Very,very,very nice again!


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good job, really

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