Video as a WallPaper

I have this long 7 hours, 4k, nature video I would like to use as a Live WallPaper

I saw some "Windows commercial product" doing it

I saw some article on how to do it using VLC, without success

HAs one of you ever tried to use a VIDEO WALLPAPER ?

I want to use this :wink:

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Interesting.... But with my crappy laptop with 1 Gb RAM it will be funny to use a video as wallpaper :smiley14:


I certainly never have.
I did use the "penguins" and stuff like it for a while but a moving desktop is very distracting IMO.

How about using the video as a "lock-screen" screensaver in stead of turning off your screen? :grimacing:

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Try mplayer.
mplayer -rootwin -nosound -loop 0 -vf scale=width video.avi

You can get youtube videos with youtube-dl, as long as the publisher allows it and allow a downloadable format.

It seems vlc is able to do it as well:
cvlc --video-wallpaper --no-audio /path/to/your/video


But, the most important here is......

How the drone has became 7 hours in flight? :happy::surprise::rofl2:


this one is working well !!!

Just need to make it Full Screen now and be visible on all Desktop(Workspace)
Oops and stay in the background ( not hide any apps, windows, iconified apps, system tray)

I will test Komorebi in a VM

This app was designed to do that but was not updated for a while...

@triantares showed a good solution, i remember old times using mplayer to do this :slight_smile: , btw maybe "-zoom" is better than scale ? (@maxinou looked like to had a problem with that, but it was vlc, hum)

BTW this can be done in e16 but not in e17 (or newer), newer enlightenment versions doesn't has a traditional "root window" (and uses a much better thing), but cannot work. By other side you can have animated wallpapers too and probably you can also add a video too as a wallpaper (warning cpu usage!) , just like you can do it in terminology

terminology -b video.mp4


TKs it's cool !

It,s playing it in the background of the Terminal WIndow....

DO you have a trick to play it on the Desktop, under everyting else (systray, Cairo DOck etc)

playing my Video in 2 Terminology WIndows made the CPU Temp go from 42 to 47C LOL

Yes, my problems were with VLC, mplayer and SMPlayer works very fine in my slow laptops..... but I won't try to test a video wallpaper, is too much for them :smile:


It works even with 1 GB RAM only..... simply amazing :eyepopping::eyepopping::eyepopping:

BTW is an interview to Jean-Luc Therier (RIP) in the 1984 Montecarlo Rallye


yes, decoding and specially rendering 30 images per second is an intensive-cpu task :slight_smile: , by other side by using GL acceleration (or other chipset features like vdpau, xv, etc...) is meant to leave the cpu light