Video player app suggestion

No Linux distro has a proper video player. I suggest you include PotPlayer or get them to make a Linux version for elive. This is easily the simplest players with image adjust and slow and fast playback, without the complicated interface of VLC.

I do like mplayer ... Simple CLI (if unsure, just read --help or man ...) and some GUI, regarding of your favor.

Edit: If you'd like to advert any software, I'd recommend to add one ore more links. So nobody needs to google and maybe find the wrong project ... I've added some links to my reply.

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Just to be pedantic: :rofl2:

Of those players you summed up "smplayer" and "Xt7-player" both use libmpv .... so are basically also a GUI for "mpv-player" which in turn is a fork of mplayer2 and mplayer.

mpv-player has a + in that it can handle HD video using "youtube-dl", which is nice for webcontent and streaming.

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Smplayer also supports mpv, xt7 switched mainly to mpv. So it is not 100% wrong, but really not the best choices, today. I'm using mplayer a bit longer and remembered I've supported questions about the mentioned GUIs for mplayer.

I am using mplayer with [e|x]term as frontend, since ever. So I am not up to date with the GUI frontends. My fault :slight_smile:

But regarding to the topic: there are well equipped alternatives, if somebody don't like VLC (which is providing a great CLI as well).
So, what is the advantage of PotPlayer, if there are already good choices in the repo?

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I would say, no linux distro has a proper audio player

So bad, no audio player is worth, never found a good one, except Songbird, but it doesn't works anymore and also consumes quite high (cpu) resources

About potplayer, if im not wrong, ther+'s no version for linux, but could be funny to make it running via Wine :slight_smile: anybody tried it ?

Doesn't work via Wine...