View the polls widget

It could be interesting if there was a desktop widget where users could vote on new features & it sync’d with a poll/graph on the forums. If they could tie the user account/machine with their forum account so if they selected “other” they could type a new blurb (few sentences) explaining their idea for a feature request that could be viewed as a forum thread below the poll. Polls could reset (close the forum & start a new), every 30 or 60 days. If you really wanted to track back information, you could have a calendar month & year to select in the widget for finding outcomes of older polls.

This attempts to prioritize what the community is looking for in a usable day-to-day OS & provides the convenience of communication without having to log into the forum & make sure you are posting in the correct area.
It also helps users to feel like they are being heard as their is a direct line of communication to what they want, driving the priority list.

I disagree here.
Communication only works on a direct 2 way contact. A poll just shows a graph without any other feedback and certainly no indication if or when it is being seen to.

Going to the forum is:

    1. Very important for Elive to get more web presence. The most important way IMO.
    1. The response in general will be quicker and certainly direct.
    1. Setting up a poll on the forum is easy enough if wanted.

It might be an idea to make even more abundantly clear to users, wanting to ask for features or features to please sign-up on the forums.
Maybe using the option of a free download link to 64bit (after a while) as extra bait to entice them. :thinking: