Virtual Box 5.1.38 works better for me

The only thing I changed for now, on my new " clean " Elive installation is replacing Virtual Box with ver 5.1.38

having problem with my Ubuntu VM (display problem) with actual version and with 5.1.38 it’s workink well

And it says 5.1.38 is for Debian wheezy

Just a quick note : trying to open a existing VM I created with previous the previous version included in Elive ( using 5.1.38) frozed my screen. Had to go in console to close Elive.

But creating a new Ubuntu VM, works ok…

note: due to a bug in old versions of virtualbox i think that you need first to:

sudo apt-get remove --purge virtualbox-*

and make sure that all the packages are removed and there’s no modules existing in /lib/modules/ , make sure that they are unloaded or reboot your machine

Then and only then, you can install the new version (otherwise it will fail creating the module because the old one was not removed)

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