Virtual desktop switching [SOLVED]

I have something that nag me with Enlightenment. I use 4 virtual desktops. But when I am in virtual desktop 1 and the mouse get too close of the right border of the screen it moves in the virtual desktop 2 quickly. But since the desktop has moved, the mouse get to appear at the left of desktop 2. And if I move a little bit the mouse left it quickly goback to virtual desktop 1 and the mouse is moved back at the right of the screen. It makes it difficult to stay in the same desktop with the mouse close to a border of the virtual desktop.

Is there anything in the config of Enlightenment to control this behavior ?
A timeout or an adjustment to not switch if within a number of pixels from the border ?

This would be a good thing for my nerves !

Bernard :smiley:

It's "edge bindings"

You should've had a look here:

It's explained in second place.

Always check out the Howtos category.


Thanks, I have searched on "virtual desktop" but haven't find anything.
I just changed the time from 0,3 sec to 0,75 sec and it allows the desktop not to be so jumpy and still permit to use the "bind edge" .

Enlightenment has all sorts of those "fine tuning" that makes it a great light desktop.


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