VMWARE install problem

I test to install VMWARE form Synaptic in a Stable 3.0.6 Elive,
When run with "vwm" from Terminal shows:

Can you help me?

I found that I need to install VMware player before.
Which version of VMware Player is compatible with Elive Stable 3.0.6
or it is better in Beta 3.8.16?, which version?

I don't know what VMware player is, so you'll have to bear with my zero knowledge.

I assume it's similar to the virtualbox tools, that you must install on the system

I cannot find anything about it other than vmware workstation player. which seems to be vmware itself.

So here is all I can give you — Elive stable is based on debian wheezy. Elive beta is debian buster.

Very sorry for not being able to help — I use virtualbox only because it's free and open source and i'm a FLOSS geek :stuck_out_tongue: .