Vote versus Like a Topic


From time to time, I remove the VOTE option from some Forum's section(called Categories in Discourse) as it has no use... And if the Vote option is ON, we can't like a TOPIC(post)...

Feel free to bring them back if you're in a Category that would benefit having the VOTE option turned on.

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Aha ....
= :hooray:

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Well, the Vote feature is a good thing to have for things like Howto's (people votes the most liked howto's, so they can appear as a preferenced order), similar for voting about suggestions or other similar things...

What is true is that we are only a few active users (a bunch of 10 maybe?), and this is of course not enough to make it really useful (threads with votes could have 1-2 votes, but most of them has 0), so this feature should be much more effective if we have more amount of users

Then we can talk about a problem: how to bring more people to the forums?

They will come -
when the AMD64 is at General Master status.

ok, going to announce it publicly in 3, 2, 1... ! :boom: :hot: :boom:

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