Website default font tests

I was trying a few "best to use" fonts:

Original setup (font: OpenSans)


Standard / Suggested (font: Roboto, size 16px)


Lato (also a good option)






Alegreya Sans


Noto Sans


PT Sans


Fira Sans


Source Sans Pro


I will probably switch to Roboto since seems like it be a better one to use, preferred

Also a favorite to me looks like to be Noto Sans :thinking: (aparently developed by google)

Beware of the google fonts ...... for some there's a data collection price. :face_with_head_bandage:

I don't really like Roboto. Too "standard" when Elive is trying to be different imo.

I like "Cabin".

"Comic Neue" also might be a good option you want a casual style. It's Comic Sans but actually good.

i just readed in some UX articles that "comic" sans should be never, never, ever, used, in any website, :thinking: because the pshychological emotion is totally "kiddie" and not serious when a website tries to be

personality is good, but is a dangerous thing (you can filter with that people to not-like a specific preference), by other side elive is pretty customizable (is different but not forced to a specific style), note that this will be not the case of the EliveRetro release (this one WILL have a very specific personality, and thus a very specific and personal font can be a good idea)

standard is not really a problem, the biggest problem (or importance, more exactly) is to have a font to have a good readability, conform for the eyes, not looking strange on the -all- different website contents, make a good feeling, etc...

in summary: if a font with "personality" is picked, needs to be made with very caution, by other side a standard should be the preference but the best looking/feeling one needs to be selected

Cabin doesn't looks bad :thinking: and seems like to be not "too much personal", has good readability and in a first view doesn't looks like to lose seriousness, will try it a bit more

I agee, it's paramount to have a clean and easily readable font.
I even think we shouldn't want to try exotic fonts (by default) on Retro either, unless we want to keep the high-school kiddo tag.

For websites, I think open sans is good (maybe leave well enough alone?) albeit I agree cabin and noto sans look good too.