Website of Elive, updates and changes

The following changes has been made for the website of Elive:

  • Upgraded full server to a newer debian base
  • Switched to Secure httpS (SSL) mode
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I can finally said that the full website is switched to use now httpS by default, this makes improvements like:

  • its the standard
  • its secure, and creates more confidence
  • improves loading speed
  • improves google rank and statistics

Also, the full server has been upgraded to a new debian base and all the migration has been done successfully

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Working on the new 3.0 Stable download page:

It should include all the needed information, and being userfriendly

Anything missing? suggestions?

If someone enter an hotmail email to be on the Mailing List, there is a message saying hotmail is not accepted. THen the person can’t enter a gmail address… He has to leave the page and come back… Not a big thing but if it can be fix

  • I would not say Microsoft does not accept email from linux site/community…Wrong… Linux community that setup their stuff properly Microsoft will accept… I don’t find that serious to write that :slight_smile:

  • add as a burning tool ! So simple and work well for non technical people


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done, in teh instructions links


@Thanatermesis has removed the hotmail restriction so my comment is not important anymore

Added some images (background icons) and a more friendly result

Suggestions / comments ?

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What about adding suggested requirements?
usually minimum requiremtns are the really bare minimum to get it running… For example elive in my pc need 192mb in idle, getting lower than that would mean almost turning off any feauture and morever without graphics accelleration with a p4 531 even the application bar animation stutters occasionally (and with occasionally i mean any time the os is not idling).
So i think suggested requirements would be a better and more honest indication! (something like P4 + PCI-E graphics card? And i say PCI-e because for some reason i’ve been unable to turn on graphics acceleration on any agp graphics i tried :confused:, even if it was graphics acceleration capable… even the geforce 2 had graphics aceleration running in windows xp!).
The os runs smotthly and perfectly with Athlon 64 x2 2.2GHz, 1 Gb ram, radeon hd2400 128mb and ata100 hdd. I didn’t see any better performance (except for surfing the net, but that’s not an os related issue obviously) in any better system

I’m downloading elive 3.0 :smiley:

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make sense to me

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I like the download page!
Good looking

Do you need some “lines” to be written about elive so that you can quote and add them at the end of the download page?

  1. [Tools to record Elive]

Weird wording no ?

Isn’t more somehting like how to prepare an installation media
how to prepare a USB stick
or anything more like that ?

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Preparing your installation media ?


People will end up on your stable url ( not the beta one) and be able to download right now ?

“Suggested” could be nice but is a very relative information, for example:

  • I would say 512 MB is minimum to work nicely, but bloated-browsers (so needed) requires like 1 GB, i should say then 1 GB ?
  • Speed is very relative, you can say that Elive works amazingly good in a 256 MB machine while others can say is too slow to work (even if is an OS that makes it run nicely)

Maybe is best to let users simply try them to see if it satisfy their needs, that info is enough to say “it can work in that computer”, there’s also a link to older versions in case they have a very-very old machine that requires it even lighter

As a final note, there’s some reviews / articles / websites that talks about Elive releases / versions, on which they references the “it can run in…”, having that information said twice can make it confusing too, “they should say suggested or minimum?”

Graphic card acceleration is not needed at all for Elive (not even for transparencies and composite effects), your AGP would be probably not supported anymore, for example you have drivers for nvidia but even the oldest ones can be pretty new drivers… have you tried to use the “old kernel” boot option to see if that AGP card works?


What you mean? testimonials?

Mmh, maybe, by other side “recording” references generically to something like “what to do with the downloaded file” (i have see many times non-experienced users that don’t know what to do with the file that they have downloaded), sentence needs to be short too (visual scanning to know what instruction the user may need)

Maybe something like this? “Recording Elive to an USB”

When the counter finishes yes, I will fix the menus, that stable page is “hidden” (even if already reached like 100 downloads lol)

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ok, for very non technical people it’s more clear… Don’t know if needed LOL normal techie people know that we burn a iso or img onto a USB

The agp does work and the drivers are installed and running using free ones (nvidia drivers, te 96 required, do not let the gui display properly, while ati drivers… wel you know it! The property ones always suck unluckily). In fact i can run gmaes properly. Unlukily for some reason it displays an error like (i don’t remember the exact words) opengl engine not found. And yes, i used the old kernel.

For the no need of accelerated grpahics: That’s true, but unluckily on older computers (i’m tinking about the pentium 4 531 that’s lying on my desk, which has HT and 64 bit istruction set, so it’s not that bad… yeah it sucks still but not that much!) often times just having a browser open means that the application bar will stutter :frowning: And so i think that accelerated graphics on older computers is a must to live the best experience!


Burn Elive to an USB
recording sounds more like “recording an audio” so saving something from an input, rather than writing something to an output


I agree I don’t like record… We save an img or iso file to our hard drive but we realy “burn” an image or iso to some media :wink:

If you google " how to burn iso to usb" you’ll get