Website of Elive, updates and changes

Yeah, Discourse (the forum software) is very bad at supporting even slightly outdated browsers. :confused:

Kind of ironic, since that means it won't work on Stable. lol

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Also, the Safari browser blocks a lot of scripts, and the Elive site is badly written script overkill.

Scripts just for the sake of bling-bling are generally a bad idea.

I can second that... I have no idea why Elive's site is so script-heavy. (Sure, it looks nicer, but it's also really inefficient.)

"Nicer" in a sense of "taste" and "personal preference" is debatable, but in a technical sense, not.

In a technical sense, the Elive website looks pretty bad and has many issues.

I got my web design degree.

The first thing the user gets to see is an annoying, "nervous" image and a logo with the wrong padding, text boxes with the wrong padding, "invisible" text, unnecessary counters, etc.

One of the Google ranking criteria is, for example, website speed, and more scripts, less speed. This is not really relevant in the Elive case, as someone who looks for Elive can find only one Elive, but in some cases, speed can cost millions. Again, irrelevant, but nice to know.

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The template used is not the best quality one, but is quite useful and extremely friendly to use (as you can see in the previous links), also note that there's some optimization plugins which changes the JS things (autoptimize for example) apparently for better, and also notice that the website is the (crappy) wordpress which is by default, script-heavy.

I'm not so sure about that one.

I never saw another website unable to complete Lighthouse Audit.

Agree; however, it's not only the template issue.

Having a website that functions properly is a more important thing than most people think.

Imagine a group of people sitting together in some cafe, and one says, "I found a cool Linux distro". Another one is already pulling its smartphone out of its pocket and opening the website. Either it'll show some amazing screenshot, or nobody will bother. And as it is, it starts with begging for money, and one can't even open the website menu on some devices.

Now, either you hope that everybody has the latest and greatest, or you make it work everywhere, as "it's a crappy theme, on crappy Wordpress" surely won't bring more donations.

It is the template which is causing these issues, I don't think the issue comes from a different plugin / functionality but can be (like an antibots / security blocker, maybe), this must be tried to make sure what is the cause

For me the website works on mobile without problems, maybe a small CSS misalignment so is not a real issue (which, the cost to remake the entire website with a different template is too big, there's no resources to do that at the moment).

I can also see it on all devices, and the menu is broken only on some but not on others; however, "for me" is irrelevant. It should work on all, and for those, next time you choose the template, you have to choose more wisely.

I don't know if and what you are doing beside Elive, and I don't know what you might eventually do if you decide to stop working on Elive, but I know that Lighthouse Audit is one of Google's ranking criteria.

Next time you make a website for something or someone, you might also try some pure HTML5 templates.
There are many to buy, and even a few pretty good ones are free.
Filezilla, Geany, and Hoster are all you need.

Look closely at both screenshots.
The first one is the Google performance checking website, and the second one is integrated into the Google Chrome developer tools (accessible over F12 when using Chrome).

I know there's better templates, but it needs to be handy to edit, the actual one is, in the future this can be changed but is important to consider how fast / easy is to edit the template, otherwise will be not even possible to use it, for example these html5 templates are nice but they are not handy to edit like we can see on these videos, but again, the template can be changed in the future, its just a matter of "worth to invest on that"

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