Website promoting features unavailable on the Beta versions?

As you know im going to work next on the website, @martinwprior recently told me that has problems with multiscreens, which I didn't understood correctly but thankfully @yoda and the community helped him :slight_smile:

The point is that martin suggested me to remove this information from the website (multiscreens supported) since it is not the case (I don't know much how it actually works good on E16), but the point is that... users may come to the website, looking at the features of Elive, like multiscreen, and then BAM! downloads the beta versions and found that these features doesn't exists (multiscreens is just an example, I assume that at least an 80% of the listed features are perfectly supported)

So the point is, how to tell the users about that some of these features are not available in the beta and they must try the stable version to have a full / good experience?

The only thing that comes to my mind as a non-obtrusive way to communicate these things, is by including in the listing of features themselves a reference like "not available in the betas" or "only in the stable version" :thinking:

So basically, if i put a big message with 10 lines and details in the download-beta page, nobody would read / care about it, but listing this on the features themselves is a good place to have this info correctly organized :thinking:

What do you think ? suggestions?


I honestly give for granted multiscreen support nowadays. And i think most users do. So i'd rather not put that feature on the website. If it works, no surprise. If it doesn't, people may just think "oh well is a beta. It will be solved". While underlying the multiscreen support, and then finding it does not actually work…

I think the fact it's a beta may be enough to let users understand that something may be broken. Have you ever played a beta of a video game? you see the worst glitches and bugs, even when they're close to the actual release. Battlefield V was so glitched that, given how historically dumb and incorrect it was (looks like politically correct nosense is more important that actual reality), made me decide i would have never wasted more than 5€ on it. And that is a pretty much big game from a pretty much big company!

Or on the download page add a tiny warning saying: WARNING: remember it is just a beta. It may rarely happen that few features will not work as supposed


It's bollocks ..... multi screen works fine w.o any twiddling on all my machines be it on E23 (own multiscreen tool) or E16 (arandr).
So don't remove "multiscreen support" just because 1 user had an issue ..... it clearly works out of the box.

I'd change the word "rarely", which is in the wrong context here with "occasionally" and just to be pedantic, change "supposed" to "expected". :smiley_cat:


It might be a thought to open a widget if a second HDMI gets recognized (aka plugged in) to as k if screensettings should be opened to configure it. :thinking:

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This would be a good idea, but remember that some users just want the download , many do not look at warnings and then leave bad review (even though we told them it was beta version ). And if you look on distrowatch there are some reviews with beta version (2.90, 3.8.1 etc) and they say how they need a consistently stable desktop and elive doesn't provide that, even though on the site it says that beta is not perfected. And do they care? No.

Haters always find a way to hate, even if the info is right there.

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I will try to search a good sentence... I have seen complains in the past about "telling too much" that unstabilities can happen (so, scaring users)

What about this?

Warning: this is an unfinished, in-development beta version, for a polished result get the Stable version

I tried to make it short and clear with the needed info :thinking:

elive had this on the topaz version if im not wrong (with many hardware changes things), in e16 is harder but this is mostly a job for e23 itself (if e23 doesn't do it itself, we can write an emodule for that, in fact elive topaz had exactly that)

one of the resons of why delayed-downloads are a good thing is to avoid those haters... haters are lazy leechers, they won't download, no download == no complain lol :dance:

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Yeah it does not look too scary. It just says it's not perfect yet (and does not say anything about instability, since it's pretty stable tbh!)