What are the login and password details for Elive 3.0 Stable? Anyone?


What are the login and password details for Elive 3.0 Stable? Anyone?


Not sure to get it.

When we install, we choose the user and password.

Suppose you mean in Live Mode when booting from the USB stick ?

@Thanatermesis comments ?


I don’t know which login / password he means

@vijay1700 can you specify?


I am getting after booting from the USB drive on which I burnt Elive Linux OS v3.0 Stable Hybrid ISO using Universal USB Installer, a USB bootable drive maker like YUMI. When I selected the first option "Live and Install — Kernel 3.16.0 (pae). ", it is asking like Elive-“some number” login: . On the first attempt to boot from USB that “some number” was from “3” series of 5 digits like "Elive-31xxx login: " (Here, we should enter some default user ID and in the next step, it will ask for password) and on the second attempt, it changed to "Elive-59408 login: " If I enter some user IDs like live/admin/LIVE/Debian User Live, on the next step, it asks for password and nothing seems to work!


That’s weird, never happened to me after several installations/upgrades… Maybe a broken iso/live usb creation?
Try downloading the iso again and using an other bootable USB creator like Rufus (on windows) or just dd (in Linux), and also moving to a different drive may solve the trick


The problem should be the tools used to record the USB that could cause this problem, please only use the ones described in the website



vmware installation leads to the same problem here


Download the last version 3.0.3 and use only the suggested tools to record the USB, or using the hybrid ISO image for virtual machines