What Elive's features do you love?


Share with us what you love the most about Elive !

Whatever it is, special effect in single monitor mode, keyboards shortcuts…

Just Reply to this email… Some of us will learn about hidden secrets / features :slight_smile:



Here are a few

  • Virtual desktop gadget/applet: I Love the top right corner Virtual Desktop applet, I leave all my important apps in different Workspace(Desktop) and all my Applications Windows do not hide the applet so I can easily Ctrl + Alt + Right/Left/Up/Down to move rapidly to my workspace and I see at all time all the apps that are open ( as my windows are setup to not cover the Virtual Desktop Tool

  • Moving from one screen to the other screen with WINDOWS KEY + RIght or Left without using the mouse

  • Key BIndings: if you Alt + Esc and type bindings, you’ll have access to Key Bindinds and there is so many things we can automate through Keyboard Shortcuts… I was more of a MOUSE guy but getting addicted to do more and more using my keyboard… It is faster

  • Access applications very easily and fast through keyboard : Alt + Esc and typing the 1st letter or 2 of the app I need is way faster than using the Application Menu or CLicking an icon at the bottom of the screen

  • Not Ressources Hungry : Elive take so few memory and CPU that everything goes so fast and I leave all the time 5 to 10 apps opened in different Virtual Desktop ( WorkSpace)

  • Everything, almost is customizable ! So much flexibility !

  • Booting / Shutdown VERY FAST !

  • VERY VERY STABLE : Very few glitch !

I Am using Elive on a old old laptop and also on my main Desktop i7, 16 Gb Ram, SSD drive and it is amazing… Let’s just help Elvie through donation update kernel, drivers, and it will be one of the BEST OS for everyone, period ! :slight_smile: ( I come from the Mac / Windows / Ubuntu World


Terminology terminal so cool : possibility to create different windows within one, recall previous command easily, when typing a command, right arrow to use the suggested previous command or up/down arrow to see other suggestions

And @Thanatermesis would say this is 1% of what Elive terminal can do LOL

I am not a programmer, more a user so I can’t appreciate all the quality of ELive Terminal but expert I am sure will


I will watch this thread and take notes of everything to know the user’s feedbacks and represent the result in the website of Elive with a more visual attraction :applause:


Upon the ones listed already:
how wonderful is elives upgrading mode??? Except when u mess around with usermod ahahahh
I broke the system in any (usually) deadly way this far, but reinstalling elive in upgrade mode always saved my system, my user, my applications, my files and also my cookies :smiley:


I won’t list all the amazing keyboard shortcuts available in Elive but, as most people don’t read manuals, pdf etc THis thread will highlight some cool stuff…

When I have too many things open on the same screen (and not in different Virtual Desktop), Ctrl + Alt + R : Shade Up Toggle On/Off, I love it !


I like the animated icons on the bar and would like to see more animation icons, but thats just me. This is probably the only distro that has this feature of the animated icons. Reminds me of the old OS/2 Warp operating system years ago where animated icons could be made. Those days are long gone. Our young people like the plain boring icons on all the devices out their today. Too boring for me, I like the animated icons, they give the desktop personality.
I also like the Enlightment background screen with its beauty and sparkle.
Reboot / Shutdown is fast! I like the startup choice sound themes.


I blamed the windows new metro look a lot, same for Android Oreo! The second one especially looks like high contrast theme in windows lol

Elive topaz startup sound with the Cyber sunset background gives a perfect cyber punk touch to my notebook .
The opposite of windows, I got banned by #windows IRC channel because asking how to add a startup sound to windows 10 was somehow “modding the system, that’s piracy” lol


Me too, specially in the days where it was a “new thing” and a lot of people asked to change the elive to these “plain boring ones”, but see… elive still has its own and different looknfeel

Btw there’s a “paper” icon theme included for those who like plain things heh

I was thinking on make some “Elive Flavours” versions based in 3.0, like “Elive Schools 3.0”

“Elive CyberPunk 3.0” may sound good too


Oops sorry, I was out of the topic of this thread