What is the best Office Suit for Elive? Recommendations

I have been using ONLYOFFICE Desktop editor for the last one-year on Elive, and it's fantastic with one or two little hiccups since it's a third party program. It is fairly efficient and provides the best experience and integration /compatibility with M$ Office (promotes newbies accepting to transition to Linux and Elive from M$soft. Easier to share documents with people using M$ Office.)

I have used M$ Office under Wine and Also Crossover, they were great but not stable and a crash would leave you with no data if you hadn't saved periodically. I think they may have improved.

OpenOffice. Org and LibreOffice are very good products if you plan to stay with in the Linux environment exclusively. For me, they need me to do extra work to get close to a desired output. I am too lazy :sloth:

So, What Office suite are you all using on Elive? What do you value more, fidelity to the Linux ecosystem or whatever system that gives you the most productivity with the least effort?
Comment below and give advice.

Well ..... I'd say Libreoffice.
They're fairly compatible over the whole breadth excepting macros, where M$office obviously uses its own language. On the whole, most stuff (including spreadsheet magic tricks) simply copies over to LO and vice-versa.
There can be glitches in layouts, like where pictures are placed or what size they should be displayed or what font is available.
So I've always advised my kids to hand in or share their work using the PDF (preferably locked) format if they had to work with M$ victims.

What do you think of ONLYOFFICE?

I tried a few times but found it lacking in options compared to LO.
I can't remember exactly which (headless printing for one IIRC) but there were some features missing.
From my perspective OF was too busy trying to emulate the M$ interface....but that could've changed, it's been a while.

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I also have to add that, professionally I don't have any need of an office suit anymore. Other than sometimes getting sent docx or xslx formatted documents by those that have no perception that not everyone else wants this M$hit.

I'm perfectly happy, having moved over to using Markdown (and PDF exporting) for documents and/or web layouts.
I always felt a dork when opening up a full office-suite, just to write and print a letter. Like swatting a mosquito with a sledgehammer. :wink:

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Unfortunately , I still have to answer to these dorks and teach younger dorks too. One day, I too will reach transcendence :innocent: CHATGPT4 has shown the way!

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I think that it's a complete idiosyncrasy to use a proprietary and 'paid-for' product in schools. It forces unneeded costs on people and forces them into a vendor lock-in, in later life.

Totally free suites like LibreOffice should be compulsory at schools, IMO.

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C'est la vie... :person_shrugging: