What is the md5sum for 3.0.3?

It took > 12 hours to download 3.0.3 here in Bolivia. I can’t find the md5sum to check the iso against. Running live on this Lenovo T61, the screen locks up when the nvidia driver 340.102 is used with ecomorph set to normal. I had to reboot to the Free Drivers grub option to get it running.
Since I can’t be sure that the download is correct, I am not going to waste my time trouble shooting.
MX 18 (Debian stretch) uses the same nvidia driver 340.102 and it runs fine.
Distrowatch provides a link to the supposed md5sum for 3.0.3 but all it does is bring up the Downloads page where I can’t find said md5sum.
BTW: I had to Ctrl-Alt-F2, sudo reboot to restart since the whole screen was dead.

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@Thanatermesis md5sum for 3.0.3 ?


The MD5 are shown in the download page, actually they are:

MD5 3.0.3 USB – ea524215a8aa253d3eb53c7a9e9abb80

MD5 3.0.3 DVD – 8a50b41a4eee7b1da539f0cb8125accd

I assume that your download was correct, a good way to know it is also running “dmesg”, if squashfs errors appears is because the download was corrupted (or the media, so the usb or dvd is in a bad state)

It is possible to have hangs with some GL cards (drivers) and also with nvidia (even if from my experience is much more stable than Ati), so I suggest to not use ecomorph or to use the free drivers

Interesting that the same drivers works on another system without problems, but the “drivers hanging” can be caused in other levels, like the version of Xorg, the version of the kernel, or even by ecomorph itself (which uses GL calls for run)

Nice to know, seems like stretch is a pretty stable and compatible system

Hum, I see, it actually points to the stable download page but not the real one, they are shown in the page where the isos are downloaded (not the donation vs delayed page). I actually don’t know a better way (and unobtrusive) to give the md5’s in a friendly way too, hum

This is very interesting, because then it means that the cause was not the driver (or at least it didn’t gave a kernel panic), if it happens again, run “dmesg” to show us the last error messages from it (if any), so it can show the reason of why hanged

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