What is the next step / collaboration and upgrade of Elive packages?

Hello @Thanatermesis,

Suppose you have 1,2,3, 5 Elive’s users here ready to help to make the next version happen.

How do you see that collaborative work?

Could you break down the work to do in steps :

  • THOSE PACKAGES must be coded / upgraded for Elive to work on a new Kernel
  • THOSE PACKAGES could be upgraded in a 2nd step

I mean, if you had 500k$ and 20 people to help, where do we start?

Maybe some of the actual Planet Elive actual users can already start helping?


the easiest way is to see what there’s in the BTS website and in GITHUB, seeing what is needed to fix / improve

for example ecomorph has some things that must be improved (see the Issues of its github), so they can compile themselves, try, patch, fix… and so to create a pull request with the improvements

could be good to have a “perfect organizator tool” but i have tried many in the past but there’s not an optimal one, some can help of course but in any of the cases nobody uses them, i end up by using them for myself, so is better then to just write my notes / organizations locally in such case

that could be really nice, and on such case i would think on “how to start”, but is not a reality so is useless to think on that lol

by other side, on such case would be needed some dedicated work, let’s say “we need an application that does X”, this is different than "just write 3 lines that includes a fix of something

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LOL I must admit you are right
We’ll cross the bridge when we get to the river

liked that quote :slight_smile: