Where can i get 64 bit iso?

I was wondering how i can get my hands on the link to download the beta 64 bit iso. would someone be able to advice how i can find it please?
i went to the download site, made a donation, and now don't know what is the next step.
i can't use Stable as the kernel is too old for the video. and 32 bit beta doesn't support uefi, i can't use that either. so thought to use 64 bit beta. please correct me if i'm wrong here. i'm still not sure how it works even though i've been reading up about uefi; as i understand that only some distros (ubuntu being one) is able to work with uefi as they have paid for a signature capable for it.
hp spectre x360

Hey, welcome back to the forum! :omgomgomg:

To get the iso, if you donated you should have gotten a link to your email. If you didn't get an email, contact one of us mods via Direct Messages and we'll give you a link.

Hi TheTechRobo,
Thanks for your reply.
i did not get an email with the link. maybe i better check my spam/junk folder and see. hopefully it went there instead. i'm not sure which email i used as i only recall using my email for paypal (to donate), which is different to this email for elive forum. But i'll check again before i do anything else.
By the way, sorry for a dumb question,. but what do you mean by Direct Messages or how do i do that?

To do direct messages, click on my username (@TheTechRobo) and there should be a "Message" button.

Check Spam/Junk, but unfortunately Elive is having issues with mail providers blacklisting us (so not even spam inbox!), if you think you can help with that there's a thread: Email Server (exim4) - Help needed

oh hum, that's important :thinking: and should be at least referenced in the downloads page done

@eliver it was your download problem solved? there's also a link which can be used if someone have the paypal ID of the donation Validate - Elive Linux :slight_smile:

yep, after to see your profile you use a yahoo email, these had always problems too :confused: , im working hard these days trying to improve all the emailing system

note: i sent you the links on a PV message :slight_smile:

Hi @TheTechRobo, thanks for the info. see, i knew it was a dumb question. i did check spam, but no dice. empty and clean as a whistle.

Hi Thanatermesis, i have received the link from you; will give that a go when i have a chance - need to go use my brother's wifi to download as i'm on data via phone, thanks for sending it.
i hope it will work on my hp machine, and it should. any issues will likely be a 'user issue' instead of elive issue

Thank you again guys!

there is no such thing here... :smiley14: