Where in e16 can I manage desktop widgets

like delete an iconbox or manage the pager ... there does not seem to be any "shelf" concept as in e17

  1. There are options to manipulate those using the key-combo 'Ctlr+Alt+right-mouse-click' or, in case of windows the little blue square top-left allows the same options.

  2. For a tad advanced users who don't mind some command-line magic, there's the 'eesh' shell specifically for e16.
    Do a 'eesh help all' to see what's available.

  3. Then there's the menu: 'Enlightenment' -> 'Desktop' and 'Settings' where inside the latter there are options under the 'Desks' and 'Areas' buttons.

There's a tutorial on customizing E16 here with a section on the pager here:

About gadgets, there's 2 types:

  • native e16
  • generic gadgets

the first are the ones called "epplets", so you can install them as:

api e16-epplets

they can be pretty useful, but their look and feel can be very primitive from very old E desktop / linux, also their font can be extremely tiny on actual screens

so you can also use generic gadets, these are things like conky, cairo-dock, tint2, etc... you may probably want to play with some / multiple conky setups, where there's many with fancy designs

when you use generic linux gadgets you can "ctrl + alt + right-click" on them to set some desktop settings, like sticky or ignore-window-list

Thank you, indeed very useful information.

However my question was concerning an icon box that I created and now want to delete… how do I get rid of it or even move it to another spot on the desktop?

That moving can be done using 'Ctrl+Alt+left-click' and dragging. It's a similar action as mentioned for the pager in the tutorial.... and using the 'remember ...' option to keep it's placement.
Do make an effort with that tutorial as most answers you are looking for are in there, one way or another.

Be aware that sometimes a specific widget (like i.e conky) is set to "immovable" but that can be undone with the toggle in the 'miscelaneous' section at the bottom of the 'Ctrl+Alt+right-click' options.

Simply 'closing' a widget that is also set to 'remember' is a simple manner of deleting it i.e due to the remembered setting it wont show up again. The same goes for 'resizing' or placement.

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