Where is everyone

havent seen anyone on here for 2 days are you all ok been trying to contact Thanatermesis no answer

@Thanatermesis ist prolly busy with developing
and bug-fixing,

therefore we, the moderators, are in and available ...

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i wanted to know did he get the donation i sent yesterday

@Thanatermesis ?

i tried to contact Thanatermesis but he hasnt relpied

no worries, he sometime dissapear and reappear... Sometime because he's busy and focused and sometime when he's traveling / no internet and sometime who knows why LOL

But no worries....

ok no problem guess he will turn up

Where is eveyone

Probably preparing for the usual
Saturday Elive Install Fest

@triantares, are you onboard for the above 2morrow ...

Nope, will be trying to stay out of trouble with winds blowing hard from SW tomorrow and bringing the empty ship to Zeebrugge.
It's the beginning of autumn storms methinks. :frowning_face:
Just upgraded my 3.7.13 to 3.7.16 ........ still the same f**king mess......... all personal touches to .e16 gone, requiring a 1:1 copying of .e16-old to .e16. Same goes for enligjtenment (E23) :sob:

Wish you a safe 'sail'

Especially watch out for the Firefox upgrade to 69 ESR.
It, for some idiotic reason, only starts up with a completely new profile.
That way all bookmarks, saved passwords are hard to get back, but can be done!