Where to configure the default opening apps for Thunderbird

Can someone remind we if " in the graphical interface" there is a place for new user to choose the default apps ( for www, music etc)

From Thunar:

Right click -> Open with -> Open with other application - Select the app you want and mark the case "set by default"

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TKs I knew about that one but I appreciate

But I then realized something else I knew and forgot !!

THunderbird has some internal config for the www / url handler... I noticed by doing tests " calmly" that it was only in Thunderbird I had that issue ( not the right browser as the default)


Open Thunderbird. In 24.6.0, the menu can be accessed on the right hand side of the top menu bar (next to the search bar and is represented by three horizontal lines).

Click Edit > then click Preferences >, a new window will open. You will need to select the Advanced tab, at the bottom of that tab Open the Config Editor .

Then, search for both network.protocol-handler.warn-external.http and network.protocol-handler.warn-external.https .

These two are most likely to have a current value of false . Change the value to true (do this by simply right clicking on them) and the next time you try to open a link from some e-mail it'll ask you which browser to use. Chromium isn't likely to be shown in the list of choices, so use the navigate button. You can find Chromium at /usr/bin/chromium-browser .

note: i changed the title of this thread to something more specifically, fix it if i wrote wrong the topic talked here :slight_smile: