Where to find icons from Chrome-Round

Love Elive more like ever before. Been following this since the beginning.
Question: Where to find icons from Chrome-Round?
Tried all possible folders, but must be overlooking something
Coming from macOS this is slightly different; Been running FreeBSD for years (not my job)
So if anyone could give me some directions, I would be very grateful.
I am retired (71 years young) and tremendously enjoy this absolutely beautiful creation.
Can't program, although tought myself Java, C++ but never pursued any career in that.
Worked in the kitchen as a professional chef for 50 years .... lol


First of all
a very warm welcome @freebsd124 !


I have my roots in macOS, too - since 6 or 7 years am a Linux passionate...

Alas I don't get what you are asking;
are you looking for icons FOR the chrome browser -
or are you looking for icons for the Cairo dock (actually there is a "Chrome-Round" theme.... )
or :confusing:


LOL - even FreeBSD "is slightly different" ... :rofl2:

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Thanks for t he welcome. enjoy coming here :grin:
I am running the Chrome-Round theme, but looking for the icons from this particular theme and where they reside within Elive.


So we are talking about the theme for Enlightenment (?).
Which release are you on, with which 'E' ; e16, e22, e23....
Elive 32bit stable release, or 64bit testing ...

After we are clear with these, we can contact @triantares ,
he is very keen with theming on Elive :wink:

The release I'm on is, e16 on the 3.8.2, 64bit beta testing
I'll take a screenshot

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ping @triantares, can you help, pls;
@freebsd124 is looking for the icons of the Chrome-Round theme
and where they reside within e16 on 3.8.2_ β AMD64... :confusing:
(@freebsd124 - triantares will for sure reply later today)

Welcome into the Elive familly @freebsd124

JF ( MTL / Canada... I'm 52 BTW, not too far behind you...).

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I'm Canada too and 66 years young.

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I'm Italy and 21 :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the welcome Yoda; I live near Arnhem (Movie :bridge to far, rings a bell?)

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I don't have access to a computer for the moment but I suspect Chrome, like Mozilla keeps it's icons in an own folder somewhere.
Either in your home ditectory as a hidden file or else prolly in /usr/share.
And greetings from Terneuzen.Nl

the question is basically "how" you installed that theme, if is from a package (ideal), you can check the installed contents as:

dpL packagename

if you installed it from a tarball / script / etc well, you need to read the terminal logs where it may be displayed or the script to install to know the location where they are put