Which web browser do you prefer in Elive?

wow was trying to load the newyorker in Brave Browser and it loaded in 1.2 seconds!!!
Then again I got a 500/500 Mbit/s connection on Fibre Optics, so the comparison is, I guess, not really fair

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I honestly find the firefox experience awesome. Even my dad uses it on a 14 years old laptop and it works greatly. Idk on which system it may feel so slow.

I know, they must be using non-Quantum Firefox.

Seriously, that was slow.

And Chromium is a great browser, if you enjoy getting tracked and buying double the RAM you need.

(I'm a comedian!!!)

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I completely agree with you

nope, the latest.
I didn't say it's just slow.
Actually I said that Palemoon is faster and have a smaller footprint on comparison to FF. Additionally it don't like to phone home that much like Mozilla does.
Therefore also less traffic.


Seemed slower than FF on my experience...

True. That's why on non-Linux devices (because they are always slow) I use Waterfox.

Still wouldn't trust Brave yet, not sure how they are making their revenue, giving away free cryptocurrency...I know that you watch ads for them but ads don't actually make that much revenue these days.

Never seen.
On which platform did you encounter this?

All of them, it's not a platform thing:Iit's on offer if one opts into their specific ads scheme....or something like it.

That is always a subjective thingy and hard to measure. Depends on the website loading, allowed .js scripts, available RAM and/or CPU etc, etc.

Comparing RAM and CPU usage with exactly the same page loading, on the same machine would be the best (if not the only) way to compare.

Not just the browser, even the usage of google-fonts has a built in tracker.... privacy disregard is everywhere, these days. :shocked:


I meant, Palemoon with five easy (this forum, basic websites) tabs, and it was extremely slow. Firefox was a little faster.
I assume because Palemoon is not Quantum.

same to me, tho eating up less resources it's smoother on lower end systems

yeah quantum is faster than normal firefox, palemoon is "normal firefox" but a very older version (older engine, maybe like the one found in elive 2.0), and is much faster than the actual firefoxes...

palemoon (old-old firefox engine), VS firefox quantum... idk, palemoon should be lighter in resources usage pretty sure, but faster, who knows ? (faster can also mean more ram resources to cache lots of things)

following this "progress" concept by browsers, in 10 years we will have the fastest browsers evers... they will cache the entire internet in your ram before to open a page :rofl2::rofl2::rofl2::rofl2::rofl2:

i left it a little more "stuck" sometimes :thinking: not specially slow but like slower to load states... like I said before probably because it has less things "already cached in your ram"

the concept of ads its pretty confusing for me in fact... let's a look to the real world:

  • people makes some free apps / games (that happens specially on phones), as a way to make money
  • they gives the game for free (or the app), you use it for free and every 5 minutes maximum you are f****ed by an ad, you wait, you cannot skip it, oh! a close button! hurry!
  • then you are back to the game, you don't remember what you are playing in a first time, but you continue playing...
  • another ad appears, your mod starts to be dark and dirty words come from your mouth
  • and this is your life in this actual concept like...

but the point is... how many people actually clicks on an ad? no freaking body???? sersiouly, nobody gives a shhhht to the ads, nobody clicks to them, the world is very f**** ed by them, hates them, they are f****ing tired, but nobody clicks on them

so, what is the point to make an ad? the concept is that you want to promote your product, and the truth is that people will probably hate you to show your f*** product in their faces when they don't want them (in the old times that was called spam, but todays we allow them freely in our lifes :rofl2: ). So again, what is the point to make an ad? the author of the app is not making money with that (probably), but he truly annoys their users, the product seller is not making any promoting by throwing their spam to the face of the people that truly dont want to hear about that, but they are wasting their money with that...

like tons of things on this world, just nonsense lol

ok i have been :offtopic:

is much older, but is more lighter (and thats why it can be slower, unless there's a bug with it), but the point is that is lighter (it is, right? i didn't measured it much), and that's a very important factor (computers with low ram, will have no way to use updated browsers, while palemoon can be usable and fast on them)

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.... confirmed.
But certain pages don't work, e.g. Netflix

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Well, now that even the new york times crashes my browser...at the rate we're going, with 1tb ram, in 2030 we wont even be able to use Links2 :madness:


I don't know why, but the last update of Chromium makes it to be extremely slow

Did you find it too? so the update is from the version 80 to the version 83 (from debian-security repos), maybe is my extensions? I don't know... CPU becomes high, the entire browser is very slow with any page...

Reinstalling the version 80 solves it, so I'm thinking to put it on the elive repos so that we should better use the version 80 by default

feedbacks from others?

I don't use Chromium but my daughter does.
Doing an apug on her machine does NOT upgrade Chromium 80 to 83 ..... so not really a problem for others who use the default repos, either. :smiley_cat:

yesterday I put the version 80 on the elive repos and this is why it doesn't upgrade

I suggest to backup the ~/.config/chromium dir first, and then:

api chroimum/debian-security chromium-sandbox/debian-security chromium-l10n/debian-security chromium-common/debian-security

this should install the updated version from its repos

if you wanted to do these tests and is indeed slower you can simply "apug" later and recover back the directory

Wont work, even after repairing the "chroimum" typo there.
The standard installation does not have chromium from the debian-security repos enabled.

~ ❯❯❯ cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/debian.list
deb http://deb.debian.org/debian buster main contrib non-free
deb http://deb.debian.org/debian-security buster/updates main contrib non-free
deb http://deb.debian.org/debian buster-backports main contrib non-free
~ ❯❯❯

How does this work?
Do the first alphabetically listed repos take priority over later ones? :magick:

It simply comes down to one single thing: Hearsay.

Somebody somewhere says that online-advertising is the next big thing

  • Some firm gets told that this "advertising" thingy is biiiig and starts doing it
  • other firms start following, afraid to miss the next big thingy
  • banks notice that all major players(firms) are investing in this and start telling customers they should definitely invest in this "online-advertising"
  • Governments(countries) take notice and want to control (or tax) this thingy in which a lot of money goes round.
  • The first "somebody" tells everybody: "See, I was right all along!, advertising is big!"
  • Ultimately, the users pay all the revenues.
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239 replies seems a bit much...should we do some cleaning?

I have delete permissions but wouldn't know the first thing on what to delete. :madness:

Nah, not on this thread.
Giving an opinion on a web-browser is so personal (and even important) to a lot of users that it's wise to keep it as it is IMHO.
I had a look too but this is very hard to delete partially without treading on someones toes, if at all possible.

I think, leave it a while and eventually delete the whole thread in one swipe.