Which web browser do you prefer in Elive?

for now, I am using Opera

Am I crazy but in the versions we have in Elive, Opera seem to be the fastest one / cool too… Getting used to it

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Hi! Yoda , I am using Firefox , I like!!!



I use all of them lol

My chrome is a bit bloated, I should start stop using it a bit since its outdated

Firefox is more updated, but unfortunately is more slow (but is better for the ram), I also need to use it sometimes when I need to INSERT specific text in some places (like the posts of the website of Elive, writing news, etc…), because thanks to the vimperator plugin (vim-like plugin) I can use “ctrl + i” to open the text boxes from my most useful editor (vim)

Finally: I started to use Opera too, it is pretty fast, newer, and pretty compatible with websites


I heard about a browser called Vivaldi - curious to know if anyone here has tried it…?

tried FireFox, Opera, Chrome, BRAVE ( Cool), but not yet Vivaldi… Curious to see what people have to say about it

Opera fastest. Or we’re both crazy.

I find it fast too !
And I like the News icon on the left pane… We can choose our News’s sources


I think Opera is the best one available (by default) for Elive too. The only downside is Whatsapp being a bit bugged!


What websites are you surfing that REQUIRE this speed, if you don’t mind me asking?

Not sure what answer you want but if I have the choice between 3 cars for the same price, I’ll take the best, reliable, fastest, most comfortable one, non ?

As for Internet browser, if one is more stable, faster, more secure, I would chose it ?

We agree that all web browser can show a page, but did it ever happen to you you had to change browser to acces some web site because your prefered day to day browser was having problems with this specific site ?

I use Chrome, FireFox and Opera regularly.

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The problem is not about that we require speed, the problem is that today’s browsers and a damn-bloated-slow-hole-of-wasted-resources, turning most of websites a slow and painful experience, just like having the ram entirely eaten when opening a few tabs… 90% of applications don’t even use the 5% of what these bloated browsers use

If you want a light experience, try “links2 -g URL” :dance:

In all these years I still not understand how is possible to have this so big waste of resources and slow experiences in something that is just meant to be a “reader of online documents”


ok will try tks !

LOL how to use that type links2 -g in the command line or need to install
typing links2 -g did open some blank window I could not do anything with…

Try “links2 -g google.com”, or just from the Elive Applications menus

It is a very small browser, with -g its enabled graphical features (it was originally made for text / console mode)

There’s also surf & netsurf as light alternatives

Maybe not the best interface-experience, but they becomes needed for computers with low resources… unfortunately I cannot say “if you have 256 mb of ram”, because those bloated browsers almost don’t even run in computers with 1GB of RAM


true they are fast !
Not 100% functional with most sites but fast :slight_smile:

I love dillo. It’s the best light browser in my opinion

Will try :slight_smile: tks !

For a more full firefox-close experience midori is pretty much good too. A lil bit heavier though, but i was fine using it on my 2001 fujitsu lifebook a month ago

What is the best way for me to install dillo on ELive ?
Download a deb package and click it ? ( just tried and didn’t worked, download a wheezy page)

Still learning some linux / debian basics LOL

sudo apt-get install dillo does the job

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got it sudo apt-get install dillo

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