Which web browser do you prefer in Elive?


Dillo! That’s a very good one, it was included in all the previous versions of Elive and replaced recently by “netsurf”, which has a very similar RAM usage and seems to have a better javascript/rendering results… by other side I just tried it and seems like the new website of Elive renders much better in Dillo

Do you have compared these two ones to have a different feedback?


Always check first if you have the package available in the Elive default repos, remember that you have like more than 40k packages. Example:

~ ❯❯❯ apse dillo web browser
dillo - Small and fast web browser
~ ❯❯❯ api dillo
… installing …

There’s some nice misc-topics guides in the Documents directory, check them :slight_smile:


This is dillo, doesn’t look that well but you can see the whole website.

This is Netsurf instead, and what you can see in the screenshots are the only parts of the websites visible. The rest of the website is completely blank

Both of them are the versions available in elive repos


As long as Chrominium, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and most well known browser display the site properly,. I would not worry about old browser ( even if they are fast, I admit) having problem to display the site


it’s because when using older hardware for some reason you’d really wish to have such a browser. Have u ever been using a 16 years old laptop? a few weeks ago i got so irritated that i screwed a laptop (and with screwed i mean i stabbed it with a screw driver ahahahaha).
If it happens to have to work with such a old computer (it happened to me 2 years ago back in school, obviously we were the only electronics/programming related project and we had to work with athlon xp / atom based pcs and not with the brand new i5s 7k available to other projects) you wish you had such a fast browser. otherwise, if u stuck with firefox, or even worse with chrome, you will see your pc stutter just scrolling google’s results page ahahahaah

so if u’re using a live os 'cause you know you’re going to work on different computers for some reasons, having everything ready out of the box, also such an old-ish browser, will make everything comfier. And it weights just a few mb!


The new template of Elive website doesn’t works so good in these old browsers @stoppy98 , due to these fancy new designs stuff…

old browsers are basically a need in old computers, since browsers are a bloated application, becoming firefox or chrome totally unusable because of that

a few days ago I was in a radio and saw the computer working on Windows XP, if Elive can be an alternative option to computers like that one, it must have non-bloated software


I was in a Nokia phones shop yesterday and they were running xp too… i was thinking “well i may tell them to install elive…” ahahahahah
Though, if the system is at least based on a cpu such as athlon x2 or pentium d and newer elive is so light that not even the latest chrome releases would be a problem!
It’s increadible really, i was watching an hd video, with netbeans running and some terminals open here and there and i didn’t even hit 800 mb of used ram. I think you really reached the goal of creating a fast and beautiful os. The 1.5 gb of memory that looked like a bottleneck before now are even too much.
Only upgrades and cross grading are missing!


Before using Elive, I upgraded my HP Worstation, i7, SSD, ubuntu machine to 16 gig !

Now with Elive, 4 GB would be to much LOL



Because fast and beautiful can come together - can be a good slogan :thinking: :smiley:

I think that the Elive website should include much more focused motivational sentences describing the amazingness of Elive, to not look like “just another linux distro” but to mark the difference :thinking:


Like it too LOL and people could think to the Fast and Furious movies at the same time LOL


absolutely! Agree 300%
This will be a never ending process but yes some very well choosen sentenced will get people’s attention

BTW I was just reading for the 1st time the ELive User Guide LOL in " Documents"

I liked this passage
Packages from other distros: Using packages from other distros is a VERY incompatible thing
to do, especially if they are packages from ubuntu for example. Also, they need to be
compatible with the libs of your system. You can, for example, install .rpm packages, go to
www.skype.com and download the program in .rpm format for fedora 4 (libs more compatible
than 5). Use the “alien” tool from root to convert it to debian package, like,
“alien skype-xxxx.rpm” and you have a .deb package created. You can install now with just
the “dpkg -i package.deb” command.


Unfortunately we cannot have that (nor a perfect website presentation) for the 3.0 release, but we can continue improve it over the time, and of course to have it better for the 4.0 version

wew, thats a very very old (and unfinished) document lol, i dont even remember what it contains

yeah, that’s a good one :slight_smile: actually Elive is so feature-rich that you don’t even need to use alien, just right-click in the .rpm package and you should have an option to convert it to a debian package :thinking: (these features are not even listed anywhere, that’s why I said Elive has tons of hidden features)


fast, beatiful and powerful
let’s not forget it’s debian based, the most powerful os ever built!

I like it as a slogan. Great idea!


Noted, will see where to use it in the future

What about this one? Don’t renew your computer, renew your system

It is meant to define a lot in a very short sentence


The “only” features missing are 64 bit support and updated debian base. Maybe also a secondary set of icons (you know, laltely people are attracted by flat-boring-modern icons for some reasons :/), but it’s something not that much important at the moment.
get 64 and buster support, and it will be upon the list of the best linux distros in a blink.

in the last two years i’ve been reading a lot about light distros for my old crappy computers, and also about distros in general. It’s supriprising how i got to find out about elive just few weeks ago! And it was just a case, because i was looking for sparky linux (and under the comments about the new release there was one saying “we added it to our top 50 light distros!”, i was curious and i opened the link lol).
How is it possible that elive is listed almost nowhere? Where lubuntu, which i firmly deprecate, it’s everywhere?? it’s not even going to be light distro anyway, and it always sucked! I even saw articles listing gnome 3 upon the lightest des and not even spend a word about enlightenment lol
Despite the old debian base and the lucking of 64 bit software support elive deserves a mention. I’d like to help more to make elive be known better. I think i will give a core of my little pi server to run that instapy bot i’ve been talking about. I will set it up in about 5 days


I like it
renew your system or it’s better renew your operating system ?


This is how the google results actually shows the excerpt for Elive, I should change it to include the word powerful?

  • Elive, fast, beautiful and powerful OS
  • Elive, fast, beautiful and powerful Linux Distro
  • Elive, Fast, Beatiful and Powerful OS


I prefer with os. It makes it feel like something more than just another linux distro (like you said before!). Maybe two dots after ELive?
Elive: Fast, beautiful…


Agree… Happen to discover Elive randomly and must admit, coming from the Linux Mint, Ubuntu Budgie world, I became impatient at the beginning LOL

But the more I played with it, the more I got to appreciate all the little teaks / customization, got used to Enligntement, was " very " impressed by it’s speed how light it was., I sticked with it and continued getting used to it :slight_smile: I use lubuntu on one of my laptop but Elive is way better (only a mousepad issue causing me to use lubuntu)

I played a lot with EndlessOS that seem to be targeting 3rd world countries, old computers and played with Elementary OS( also ubuntu based) and they are so much slower than elive !

The Because fast and beautiful can come together and Don’t renew your computer, renew your system are so " right on !

Elive is on the right track…


I met enlightenemnet a long time ago, i always found it increadibly light and powerful, yet pretty much ugly (and i’m going to be honest, i’m pretty much lazy when comes to customizaition. It’s either cool out of the box or byeee i’ll just stick with i3-wm ahahah).
Luckily @Thanatermesis made it look perfect already! Way better than budgie in my opnion (which was my favourite de at the moment of switching to enlightenment).