Which web browser do you prefer in Elive?


Included in Elive 3.0 :slight_smile: , see your “Alt + Esc” -> “application theme” -> “icons” to select them (if you don’t have uninstalled them during the installation process)

yes but only if an enough amount of users knows about it, how to make it more known?..

that makes me also think: there’s a reference about 64bit in the stable-download page, most of users would search for that and sadly will not find Elive to be 64bit, so these references should tell the users things like “subscribe to know about a future 64 bit version”, “promote elive so that it can exist”, etc… suggestions for that stable-download page?

yeah thats an example of this problem heh

most of the best “publicities” that elive had was references from other websites, like wikipedia, articles, lists of distros, etc… even in websites like “usb recording tools” or similar things

Ubuntu has (had) very big marketing resources

Maybe we should spam all the lubuntu forums talking about Elive :smiling_imp:

Elive definitively needs a big strategy to be more known, in fact, the project is almost going to die because of this (it should have died long time ago in fact, due to the lack of resources & donations to keep it alive)


curious, how old are your @stoppy98 ?
Me 50, I come from BASIC (programmed my own Tron games in Basic on my Commodore Vic 20, Dos, Windows 3.11,. Mac OS ( operated BBS / Bulleting Board Systems and lived from it for while)



i just created my bootable usb, will check it out immediately :smiley:

I will think about how to help on this point. I maybe know some people who may help!


I’m 19, soon 20!
I approached informatics about 2 years ago, taking part in a project organized by esa (the european space agency). Like elive, i got to know about it randomly, looks like the most random events end up being the most interesting ones
I’ve been mostly programming in C (due to university exams), i also worked a bit with python and c++(for programmable boards)


perfect, updated :slight_smile:

I think that you could enjoy playing with E modules or EFL libraries, since they are very powerful and easy and readable… but that can be worth for write a specific guide lol


Yes, my thoughts tend to be very similar. However, these days browsers DO have a LOT, like video and audio codecs, 3D graphics, of course the javascript interpreter… may be the bloat may be somewhat justified…? :slight_smile:


I created my own Elive T-shirt design in Cafe Press a while ago. On the back it says:

Debian for the Enlightened


We want a picture !!!


Home > Personalized Gifts & Photo Gifts > Men’s Fitted T-Shirt (dark)

\ 480x480

Home > Personalized Gifts & Photo Gifts > Men’s Fitted T-Shirt (dark)

\ 480x480


I love it !!! Good job :slight_smile:


@Thanatermesis ifyou begin selling elive T-shirts i will buy lots!
And this is not a promise, it’s a statement!
Maybe gadgets could be another way to get some money? Not much, but why not? Also something like official stickers? I’d love to have one on my laptop (instead of the self printed and glued Debian sticker lol)


First of all - hello everyone. I’m new to Elive, but not to linux. Found Elive just a few weeks ago, and fell in love from the first sight. I won’t tell you how great the system is- we all know it. Anyway, if anyone would like to watch Netflix or Amazon videos- no problem with that. Let me know, and I’ll post the step-by-step instruction.
Long live Elive!!! :wink:


YES YES for Amazon Prime Video ! I can’t and would like too !
As for Netflix, I think I was able to do with Chrome or FireFox ( one of the 2)

But Amazon Video , no… And I subscribe to it…

Tks @buzzy


Did you use Firefox Quantum?


FireFox ESR 52.8.0 (32-bit) included in ELive can play NEtflix
I use OPera most of the time on ELive, faster I think.

As for Prime Video( AMazon), Opera, FireFox and Chrome can’t play it… and I didn’t google enough to find the solution


Mozilla team stopped supporting 32bit Firefox a few years ago, but… Canonical(Ubuntu) team does. You can download 32 bit Firefox Quantum(v. 62)from Ubuntu site with packages.


If you can provide the link, I am have difficulty to locate it.
I’ll see if it prefer it to Opera…


I’d be interested in trying this also - though I worry about breaking things when wandering too far from Debian Wheezy


Well I wasn’t planning on going into the T-shirt business! but it is very easy to design one in CafePress. Unfortunately, it was expensive: $40 CDN if I recall.

If others know of a cheaper way to produce them they could become a little bit of an inducement for people to donate at download. I.e. if you donate > $10 you are entered to win a T-shirt…of course we’d have to accumulate enough funds initially through patreons or otherwise to build a small stock of T-shirts…maybe one given away per month?


My Nephew has a t-Shirt business in Ontario, Canada. This is what he does… I’ll ask him if shipping oversea could be complicated