Which web browser do you prefer in Elive?


I tried these things in the past where there was a ton more of users and there was never sell any

And yes, nice stickers would be a good thing to have (but not a source of funding for sure), but Elive would needs to have a more amount of new users first


Thank you! :omgomgomg:

Can you add this quote on the testimonials section of the forum? :boogie:

There’s a howto section too for write howto’s :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


That’s one of the worst thing of these companies… they are crazily expensive, nobody would pay this amount for a t-shirt, but also: with this already-big amount, how you can add a comision to this amount which is the idea after all? Note: decathlon prints your customized t-shirt in good quality for less than 10 $ (probably 6$ if i recall correctly), even for a single one

The full process itself is very complicated, i mean, there’s a ton of time that needs to be invested (buy tshirts, print them, read & write the address to send, ship them, shipping cost, tshirt cost, print costs…) how much costs this ? (time + money), all this work for add a comision of 1$ ? maybe 5$ ? where the average users has very hard to make a donation of 5$ to download ?

As said before, first would be needed to have a much bigger amount of users, maybe t-shirts can work better in a big linux event or something like this, but i still dont think its worth the effort


Or as a beginning find some users fanboying for elive ready to buy some and make a first big order as a beginning!


Nobody wants to pay 5$ to download a Linux distro!

But for example if u make a customized t-shirt from decathlon at about 8$, ship them for about 10$, if the shirt looks good for real people would be fine paying 25 to 30$ for it. And it’d be about 7 to 12$ for each. Obviously you should get something like 20 orders per month to make the effort worth it, and possibly find a good business that automatizes the whole thing… Maybe @yoda nephew for real!


Opera is a lot faster than the FireFox version included in ELive…

Recommend you give it a try


Yeah, and firefox is also really slow, even if uses less ram than chrome, chrome feels much more light

Btw I think that threads should follow their topics on this forum, otherwise it will be entirely confusing & offtopic for everyone that reads it

I mean, there should be some guidelines or something similar, and when the topic changes, the post should be moved or deleted… not sure how we should do that

Ideas @yoda?


I agree… I need more discipline :slight_smile: We’Ll be more careful

each of us need to pay attention to that


But also, “us” (moderators / admins) needs to fix that when it happens (moving / deleting posts), but i dont know how this should be done (an user can be upset if you delete his post), maybe using the flags? tags? not sure…


Whth humilty I will say, I am not sure how to install it

I added the repository to my list
tried to install using Synaptic and there was a dependency error.

When you have time, please provide steps


I’ll post the step-by-step instruction later on today.


Download firefox:

Open the folder in which it was downloaded and open a terminal in it (right click->open a terminal here).
Let’s unpack the tar file just downloaded:

tar -xjf firefox-62.0.tar.bz2

let’s move the newly unpacked firefox to the right place:

sudo mv firefox/ /usr/share/

Link it to the binaries folder:

sudo ln -s /usr/share/firefox/firefox /usr/bin/firefox

Check if the links is working correctly:

ls -l /usr/share/firefox/firefox /usr/bin/firefox

and you’re done, installed firefox quantum.
Live check:

I was doing it for the first time too so probably there’s a beter way to do it

There’s no audio D:



From what it read, it would be faster than Firefox ESR / better coded
Tks again !


Working ! I need to launch it from the command line… any ideas where I messed up ?


@stoppy98 Arey our able to play Amazon Prime Video with it ?
Everything seems ok, fast, I like it better.

Only 2 things to fix : be able to launch it other than from the command line
and if I could play Prime Video ( Amazon) it would be cool as Opera, Chrome, can’t


I have put back firefox ESR… Sound was not working with Quantum

BTW jfbourdeau / Yoda are somekind of the same with a personality disorder… (one account has more admin power over the forum LOL)


It’s weird, I can launch it from the launcher too

I don’t know, I didn’t try, but being the newest version of Firefox I think it is supposed to

I noticed it too. I will look for a solution



of course:

  • it is not for wheezy
  • and it is not for debian


Chrome is destined to be bloated along with Firefox.

Even Vivaldi has become bloated because it uses the Chromium “engine”.

If you want any of these browsers to be usable, then only open one tab.

Brave is not yet bloated but because it appears to be using Chromium too, the same caveat of one tab applies.

Midori is not bloated but it’s lightweight. I am not going to mention Opera because even VIvaldi and Chrome now follow its model regarding Speed Dial.

So the solution to avoid lag and lofting of an open window in browsers is simple: open only one tab.

Oh, and also closing the browser window and reopening a new one. Additionally, opting to reboot Elive.



I apologise for following with this comment after the original reply to Thanathermesis.

This reply answers the question: I suggest Vivaldi, followed by Brave.

Mainly I suggest using the Feren OS method of having a package that allows the user to install an alternative to the default browser but includes all the browsers offered by most of the Linuxes including Brave, Midori, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, and Vivaldi.

Rationale for this suggestion: every user has his preference. Debian users prefer Firefox, Android users prefer Chrome, cutting edge users prefer Vivaldi, Opera fans demand Opera, FOSS fans might advocate for Midori, and a few cryptocurrency fans swear by Brave.