Which web browser do you prefer in Elive?


that’s not a personality disorder. that’s a hacker special power. LOL


For me:

  • firefox:
    • good: less ram usage than chrome, specially with multiple tabs opened
    • bad: too slow to be considered an alternative
  • chrome:
    • good: fast
    • bad: consumes too much ram
  • opera:
    • good: fast
    • bad: they dropped the 32-bit support, so no more releases (and its not opensource), open source derivates of opera?

I think that I have read somewhere that chrome uses (switched to) the same engine as opera, this could explain why its a fast alternative

This old post in facebook by Elive can help to see the RAM usage:


I’ve got to say that Palemoon is my current favorite. Before Firefox switched to Web Extensions, I enjoyed one particular AddOn - Tile Tabs. The current Tile Tabs implementation under Web Extensions doesn’t come close to what is was prior. For that reason, and that alone, I’m constantly on Palemoon.

When you have a web app that you are monitoring and want to continue browsing, with Tile Tabs you can do both simultaneously. I hope that one day Web Extensions will allow the old Tile Tabs to function as it did. But, if it never does, I have Palemoon to console me.


I will voice support for Firefox (Quantum & Focus on mobile) and Tor browser. As a default, then FFQ would have to get my vote.


Firefox or Google is good for me.


Google Chrome that is.


Seems like it’s based in Opera (or at least made by some of their devs) and it has a version in 32bit, that is very interesting for Elive 3.0 ! (sounds like an updated opera)

OMG there’s everyday more browsers! what about making an Elive browser? Ebrowser lol