Which web browser do you prefer in Elive?

Hum, that's pretty interesting

Monetary based system is the evil of all these causes heh (including any political flavour that requires money)

Well, we are talking about -specific- fashions, I don't think that is good to turn Elive into a such specific purpose (more exactly: it should be a different project IMHO, but based in Elive :slight_smile: ), some features like allowing to use VPN (or alternatives) in restricted countries can be a good option but such specific purpose would turn Elive in a totally different behaviour, hum

BTW 3.7.x will come with all the new network-manager plugins (many vpn plugins, etc), which I personally don't know what are all of them about lol

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I agree, the QubesOS route is a very newbie unfriendly way of doing things and altogether a lot of work for the user too but .......!
Simply offering tor-browser as an easy option (in /opt), including an icon/link in the menu bar would be quite a thing. I haven't done any research but afaik there are very few distros that do include it by default. Actually wondering why. :thinking:
Maybe not the 100% untraceable distro Snowden (maybe we should just ask him :idea: ) would use, Elive could be a step in that direction whilst still being what it is: beautiful, very complete, low on resources and newbie friendly ..... but now with an extra safety feature. :smiley14:

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Well, like you said a little of research should be done before, so if anybody wants to play with that, welcome! :slight_smile:

The only requirements to integrate it in Elive is a brainstorm between:

  • it is really useful (or really nice) to have ?
  • does the implementation doesn't saturate the system? (in memory, resources, size, etc.)
    • on such case, if stills worth, an alternative should be used (like an installer in the menus, instead of the application itself)
  • etc :smiley:

same here - upgrade to Quad Core Xeon and so on ....


@Otis_Lyons says on this thread Updated versions and their changes found on them that Google Chrome can be installed in the last version if you install the windows version!

Basically, just go to the google chrome and download the windows version, double click on the file from your filemanager and it should simply work

To me sounds like a good option to have a well updated browser, the last chrome installed on 3.0 :slight_smile:

Sorry if it’s already been asked, but do any of them support addons such as ublock origin, scriptsafe, or noscript?
Or tools for debugging such as firebug?

Good question,
my first impulse was saying
Yes, of course - but
am not sure.
Since I got pissed in a serious way from
stupid and off-topic answers seen in a lot of other forums -
I have to proof first.

And so my answer has to be here:
Dunno yet.

I'm using chromium in new alpha versions, my computer sometimes block because its a hungry memory eater (wtf, i have 8gb of ram), just because I have 10-15 tabs opened, which I don't want to use in the inmediate moment but I want to check them later (and of course i dont want to close them!)

Im going to try now this, which seems like to release memory of unused tabs: The Great Suspender - Chrome Web Store

If works good, it must be included by default in Elive

"A lightweight extension to reduce chrome's memory footprint. Perfect if you have a lot of tabs open at the same time."

So, how is your experience with it
can you recommend?

Yes, I feel like the memory is less used, I cannot confirm that (still used some like 2GB of ram for browser) but looks like i don't have the problem eating all my 8 GB of ram :thinking: will need to test it again by disabling the extension to see how much ram uses in comparison (i also feel like the previous kernel version had some issues with ram which seems to be fixed now in the kernel update)

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Any comparison feedback between browsers in their new versions in 3.7.x ? (chromium / chrome / opera / firefox / maybe others)? maybe @yoda? :slight_smile:

Sorry for now replying earlier to this.

I am more on chromium presently but used to love Opera too

Using Firefoxfor streaming PrimeVIdeo/netflix (just easier , just need to enable DRM instead of dealing with Widevine stuff)

Will try to move from one another during the next week....


First of all this is always a choice of the single users attitude.
For me as a Google Fan I love Chromium.
When I want to get rid off from the Google stuff,
I prefer Firefox.
Opera.... mhm, naaah. Too much advertisements. Vivaldi dunno.
What else... Chrome OS ok so far and fast
Midori is sweet, but sucks.

I'm a heavy Citrix user for work, and Firefox seems to just work for that - seems the most polished of all - otherwise, Chromium and Opera. In 32 bit Elive Opera was my favourite, but in 64 bit...Firefox.

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I played with Opera and chromium on my slow HP Laptop that as 2 GB Ram and small SSD driver

Open the browser, checking memory in Conky on the right
Open 2 tabs

Opera definitively takes less memory.
On a PC with less resources, Opera will be easier / lighter to use


Preformatted text

good one, 2GB is a good machine to test :slight_smile:

really? :thinking: on my new system i did a fast test and found opera to require more ram than chromium (and I was surprised about that!), since that day, i just used chromium without much more time to test


There's a big difference in resources usage between one or multiple tabs, some browsers are light in 1 tab and bloated in more tabs, and others are very similar resources-eating having more tabs (which then becomes a better option)

If you have time, can you do this test?

  • opera with 1 tab (how much extra memory requires, shown in conky for example)
  • opera with 10 tabs (just google .com, no specific websites)
  • chromium with 1
  • chromium with 10
  • chromium with 1 + extensions "the great suspender"
  • chromium with 10 + extension "the great suspender" (and pages suspended, you can set it to 1 minute)
  • firefox with 1
  • firefox with 10

this test will be good to know which browsers to ship with, by default :slight_smile:

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will do tomorrow... goog night.. 10h43 pm here... Worked a lot outside today in my backyard / am dead

Yoda getting old..

:sleep: :sleep: :sleep:

Google Chrome or Firefox for me.

No Google or (if can be) Mozilla for me.
Both companies get their revenue through data mining i.e making its customers digital slaves in the long run.

Keep clear of them if you can.
My preference is Opera (chromium second). Its fast, works well (even on my phone) has ad-blocker and VPN bulit-in.

And so what!
Do you STILL really believe
that you could stay any away from data mining through 3rd party companies, SERIOUSLY?!??
Let me remind you and all of you that in Europe
we are all 'victims' by the law 'Data retention':

Funny :face_vomiting: :
Lately it gets legal ! that the ISPs may sell ! the so collected data to most bidding companies...

And you think....
Thor oder whatever will protect you, really?
= LOL :rofl:

Com on, guys - wake up - even when it is painful...