While on the road

I have been on the road for a while and had my 2 laptops

  • slow HP 2 GB Ram, 32 ssd, Elive 32 bits 3.7.x
  • fast dell laptop, ssd drive, 8 GB ram, Elive 64 bits 3.7.x

And the experience was amazing... Both laptop were running very well and smoothly

tks @Thanatermesis !!!

Now back to my Desktop with Elive 64 bits...


And your holidays, you enjoyed them?

We accept some pictures from Canadian country to help those that we haven't holidays to spent those weeks :beach_umbrella::omgomgomg:


@yoda : ha ha ha you see? I told you earlier....

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And the pictures, where they are?.....


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Ask with pm to @yoda then, he will reply

will send some in private :slight_smile:


Post must be at least 14 characters LOL

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