Who is using Windows 10 in a Virtual Machine on Elive ( using VirtualBox)

I would like to know if you are able to run Windows 10 at a reasonable speed within a Vbox VM

Whatever config I use, or Vbox version (the one that come with ELive or 5.1.38 that also works), my Windows VM is slow / not functionnal).


I need this for my wife… When rebooting on Ubuntu, the exact same VM fly / is fast , works well… But there are a lot of variables… Ubunty, 64 bits, latest version of Virtual Box…

sounds like a wrong configuration in vbox

I would:

  • try the different settings (enable some cpu flags etc), a good test is to run the chronometer to see how much seconds needs every boot with the different settings
  • try with 1 cpu or 2 cpus (and all the cpu flags etc)
  • follow a howto of installing windows 10 in vbox in linux… it may have the best settings, but its very hardware-dependant (your machine) too
  • disable effects in windows
  • try to duplicate the settings you have in the ubuntu
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VBOX on Ubutnu was allocating 4 GB to the VM if I was allocating 4 GB to the VM, I mean it was taken from the Host

in Elive, the 4 GB I am allocating to a WIndows VM is not taken from the host, I was wondering if this is why it is slower ? I have 16 GM of Ram this is not a problem for me. I will google that but posted something here in case someone experienced that

i dont think is a problem of the allocation if you selected it

the speed issues should be probably more related the other settings, like cpu ones

I double-checked my Virtual Box settings and they are the same

the Only difference is the HOST (Ubuntu / Elive) and the version of Virtual Box I am using ( 5.1.38 on Elive, the most recent one I can use… The one that came with Elive, had the same problem)…

Not the end of the world, I can reboot in Ubuntu to run my Wife Windows VM but wanted to leave a trace in the forums in case one day, someone find a solution